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Twelve Alwars have contributed to the hymns in the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. They are Poigai alwar (பொய்கை ஆழ்வார்), Bhutat alwar. See photos, profile pictures and albums from 12 Alwars. The āḻvārs, also spelt as alwars or azhwars are 12 devotional saints born in the region of south India. These saints wrote devotional poems in.

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Together they spent their immense wealth in feeding pilgrims. Scholarly dating, except that of Kulasekhara Alvar, is based on summary of views of modern scholars by Dr. So, commentaries were written by other great bhaktas.

Here, the Alwars are immersed in the worship of Lord Vishnu. On discovering the sacrilege, Periyalvar admonished her but the Lord assured him that Andal’s act was a pleasure and made the garlands dear to the Divine.

Orthodoxy posits the number of alvars as ten, though there are other references that include Andal and Madhurakavi Alvarmaking the number twelve. Kaustubha Vishnu’s jewel embedded in his necklace. Although there seems very less possibility. Nammalvar is a term of endearment applied to Satakopa and because of his sterling services in propagating Vaishnavism, he is known as a prapanna jana kootastha qlwars of aspirant souls as he retold vedic truths in the everyday language of the comman man, Tamil.

He lost his property to her and was thrown out of his garden. It is no longer with human alwarx that one loves God; but with God-love that one perceives the world and all.

A I aowars there is no question on it. Here bridegroom would have to be Narayana. Religions of South Asia: A petty chieftain, Tirumangai married Kumudavalli who was a great devotee of Lord Narayana.


Sri Vaishnava Alwars – A Brief Introduction

It does not vanish on time. We should follow all the 12 alwars. It was raining heavily and 112 they sought shelter in the front room of a house. Because, will be standard. Even if some great person is born in the future, they will write some other and they will only become an acharya not an alwar.

Facts about Alwars – The Bhakti Saints of South India

Only these 12 alwars could be able to complete the prabandham. Kaumodaki Vishnu ‘s Mace. Even as he completed reciting his verse, he merged with the Lord. Alwars are not equivalent to prophets in Islam. When he had nothing left, Tirumangai took to high-way robbery. These twelve Alwars had initiated a Bhakti revolution that transformed the spiritual map of India for all time to come.

Born in Uraiyur near Srirangam, he spent long hours on the banks of the Kaveri playing the lute and praising the Lord. They were all born a day after each other in sequence — poigaiyAr, bhuthathAr, pEyar.

The three Alvars who were contemporaries were on a pilgrimage worshiping Vishnu in different temples and they happened to meet in Tirukoilur. Bhutattalvar uses the awars countries of this mind for his adoration: Vipranarayana slwars to his service and alwags of pure devotion. It is devotion and special qualities in them which earned them the unique respect of Alwars.

Finally the Lord took alwar on him and announced his innocence. The meaning of the word Alwar is the ones who are totally immersed in something. Out of these, are in India, one is in Nepal and the two others are considered alwaes be beyond Earthly realms. Photos of Hindu Saints: As Ramanujacharya was the first to successfully refute the Mayavada school of thought, which in turn contributed to the development of different schools of Vaishnavism, it is appropriate to narrate the history of the saints related to Vishistadvaita Sri Vaishnava school of thought and aowars contribution for the growth of Vaishnavism.


In a time where only certain castes were into the composition of music, etc; Alwars were not from any particular caste and had different origins. Azhvars are said to be ‘ Nithya Sooryas ‘. Kulasekara Alwarhave a great bhakti towards Sri Ramar have also done Mangalasasanam on the Perumal particularly in Malayala Naatu thriuppathigal. Each of alwarz alwar is considered as the incarnations of the Lord’s weapons or attendants or his ornaments.

vaishnavism – Why are there no more Alwars? – Hinduism Stack Exchange

One of them is Ramanujacharya who is also known as Ilaya alwar. And what had they understood? Many of them came just when they thought of Lord and some poems when they visited the deity forms of the Lord.

The Bhakti literature that sprang from Alvars has contributed to the establishment and sustenance of a culture that broke away from the ritual-oriented Vedic religion and rooted itself in devotion as the only path for salvation. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Azhwars. Why are there no more Alwars? The eleven verses sung by him begin with the word ‘Kanninun-Siruthambu’ which means a rope made of tiny knots.

Thiruvaymozhiverses; Thiruvasiriyam7 verses; Thiruviruthamverses; Periya Thiruvandhadhi87 verses. They’ve the effulgence like a Sun and this is forever.