Find your Mercury Mountaineer Owner Manuals and Warranties to learn all about your vehicle’s features, maintenance schedules, warranties and more. Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. HAYNES Ford Explorer/Mazda Navajo (), Mercury Mountaineer ( 01), Explorer Sport () & Sport Trac, () Info.

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Download Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual PDF ( Pages)

Page The BRAKE warning lamp in the instrument cluster illuminates and remains illuminated when the ignition is turned ON until the parking brake is released. Refer to the Scheduled Maintenance Guide for service interval schedules. N Neutral With the gearshift in N Manuaalthe vehicle can be started and is free to roll. They are unnecessary and could, under certain conditions, lead to engine damage which is not covered by your warranty.

Page mountaneer Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

Mercury Mountaineer Automotive Repair Manuals

Controls and features The memory feature will continue to metcury from the door control even when deactivated at the remote entry module. Controls and features The autolock feature repeats when: Page Do not attempt to service, repair, or modify the air bag Supplemental Restraint System, its fuses or the seat cover on a seat containing an air bag.

Press the top portion of the rocker switch to close.

Charging system Illuminates when the ignition is turned to the ON position and the engine is off. If your vehicle has been parked with the windows closed during hot weather, the air conditioner will do a much faster job of cooling if you drive for two or three minutes with the windows open. Page Maintenance and care Running out of fuel Avoid running out fuel because this situation may have an adverse affect on powertrain components.


Read the following section on Warnings. Mute mode Press the control to mute the playing media.

Page Maintenance and care Check the coolant level in the coolant merxury the next few times you drive the vehicle. After the disabled vehicle has been started and the jumper cables removed, mouhtaineer it to idle for several minutes so the engine computer can relearn its idle conditions. Steady speeds without stopping will usually give the best fuel economy. Memory seat feature if equipped The remote entry system can also control the memory seat feature.

Page 31 Controls and features Select for air to flow through these vents: This may consist of cornstarch, talcum powder to lubricate the bag or sodium compounds e.

If it enters the red section, the engine is overheating. Page 59 Turning the speakers on and off Press to turn all speakers on or off. Page Driving Once through water, always try mercur brakes. Do not rock the vehicle for more than a few minutes. Failure to seek proper medical attention could lead to permanent injury.

Maintenance and care 3. The hazard lights control is located on top of the steering column. Mounaineer your engine oil and filter according to the appropriate schedule listed in the Scheduled Maintenance Guide.

Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

The ignition should be in the OFF position while the vehicle is being refueled. Pull the lap belt portion across the child seat owner the buckle and pull up on the shoulder belt while pushing down with your knee on the child seat. The fuel cap may not have been properly installed and securely tightened. Make sure the headlamp control is in the OFF position.


Mercury 1999 Mountaineer Owner’s Manual

Page 73 Mute mode Press the control to mute the playing media. Be sure the belt webbing is not twisted.

Prepare for programming the HomeLink Universal Transceiver by erasing the three factory default codes by holding down the two outside buttons until the red light begins to flash after 20 seconds.

Auxiliary power point The power point is ownegs additional power source for electrical accessories.

Refer to the maintenance guide and or service guide for scheduled maintenance. Page 21 Flash to pass Pull toward you to activate and release to deactivate. Installing a garage door opener if equipped The storage compartment can be converted to accommodate a variety of aftermarket garage door openers: Radio station memory preset The radio is equipped with six station memory preset controls. Page Once through the water, always try the brakes. If your vehicle requires professional service, your dealership can provide necessary parts and service.

Mercuty and safety restraints All occupants of the vehicle, including the driver, should always properly wear meecury safety belts, even when an air bag SRS is provided.