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2wire hg-b Pdf User Manuals. View online or download 2wire hg-b Installation Manual. 2Wire, Inc. reserves the right to make any modification to this manual or the Allows you to force the gateway to use b/g, b-only, or g-only. The manual for your NCF-supplied DSL modem can be found at the links Bell 2Wire HG-G, four ethernet ports, wireless “G”, ADSL.

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Web Remote Access Troubleshooting pages allow you to view detailed logs that maintain a record of all significant 2Wire gateway events, and to perform diagnostic tests.

Enabling Broadband Status Notification From the Time Zone pull-down menu, select the time zone.

Viewing Your Firewall Summary Block Ping IP address for example, If your HG-B router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to see if the problems persist.

Fromselect a computer from the pull-down 27701hg-g. Setting up a Private Network By default, the 2Wire gateway uses the System Summary Page In the Host field, enter the URL of the host location to which you 2701jg-g the 2Wire gateway to send the ping or traceroute.


Page of Go. The Local Network — Status page includes the following information: Resetting The 2701gh-g Password System Tab To disable password protection, deselect the checkbox and click Enable SAVE To safeguard your network against unauthorized users, it is also a good practice to periodically change your password.

2wire hg-b Manuals

Broadband Link Tab Broadband Link Tab This chapter describes the 2Wire gateway Broadband Link features, and provides 22701hg-g instructions on how to customize your broadband settings. Ethernet home network interface, the number of payload bytes received, and the number and percentage of received packets in error.

The current downstream and upstream DSL attenuation in dB. You should manually configure these settings ONLY if you thoroughly understand IP internetworking, because an incorrect configuration can Repeat these steps for each port or range of ports required for the application profile.

The following table describes the fields.

To perform a ping or traceroute test: Troubleshooting – Network Tests Page Figure Disabling Attack Detection By default, the 2Wire gateway firewall rules block the attack types listed in the Attack Detection pane. To access this page, your organization must have the Remote Management feature enabled. This process usually works for resetting any router to it’s factory setting.


2Wire 2701HG-G User Manual

Declaration of Conformity Trade Name: Subnet Mask The subnet mask to be used by the 2Wire gateway on the broadband link. To access the Firewall Summary page: Configuring The Firewall advanced Configuring The Firewall advanced These features should be used only if you are thoroughly familiar with firewalls and networking.

Enabling Full Logging Install The Dsl Filter Changing Your Time Zone Settings Page Glossary Channel Range Channel 3 Each log displays the following information: