GUNG HO, A LA CARGA. views Gung Ho. Cipriano González · Trabajo escrito pelicula gung ho. Luis Alberto Resumen Gung Ho. A LA CARGA GUNG HOIntroducción Hablaremos sobre la técnica administrativa gung ho (trabajando juntos), que se compone resumen del video gung ho. Tarea – Tarea 2 Gung Ho A la carga Fuente. el método del castor y el don del ganso, en resumen nos enseña a aprender y entender que vuestro trabajo.

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At last the plant is at full production.

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The factory is a lead source for the economy in the Midwestern reaumen it is based in so it is important to keep the company going. The Japanese managers learn of this lie and Michael Keaton is forced to tell the truth about his lie to the whole town in a meeting.

Comfort with Ambiguity The main character showed up alone, in a new country, without a map and unable to speak the language and was not phased. Situation Hunt Stevenson takes the leadership role and becomes the liaison between the Japanese executive team and the American workers.

République (videojuego)

Each company is discussed separately using examples from the movie and then summary values provided. As the day draws to a close, the Japanese company president comes carya inspect the plant personally and see if it could meet the quota.

Because of the strike, Assan Motors plans to abandon the factory cagga, which would mean the end of the town. In an attempt to solve the problem, Stevenson makes a deal with Kazihiro: What made this especially tough is that the mayor of the town had just told the people how wonderful Keaton’s character is for saving the town. However, the workers were not respecting the Japanese executives and they felt that the new work structure was more impose rather than implementing.

While his audience is not impressed, Hunt, hoping to save the town and atone for his deception, and Kazuhiro, desperate to show his worth to his superiors, go back into the factory and begin to build cars by themselves.


In this analysis, we will examine this movie from a gug perspective and analyze the movie by applying three theories of Hofstedes Dimensions of Cultural Values: The management team almost came to a breaking point and gave up on the factory. After nearly a month of working long hours toward a goal of 13, despite Stevenson’s pleas for them to aim for the full 15, the truth is discovered and the workers strike.

Keaton gets into a dispute with one Japanese middle manager over the man’s unwillingess to stand up to his own uncle to ask for some time reskmen to be with his newly born child. Many such cultural clashes are rexumen and really serve to reinforce the rivalries between US and Japanese firms in the 80’s.

They both are similar in the way that they feature a clash between management and the employees. After nearly a month of working long hours toward a goal of 13,despite Hunt’s pleas for them to aim for the full 15,the truth is discovered and the workers strike. The company was re-opened but a Japanese management team was sent to help, ls, and monitor the American workers. The book states when organizations branch into new cultures and try to make things work the way they do in their home culture.

The nephews of Japan’s Company President confidentally state the quota was not met.

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The Japanese company agrees, and upon the arrival of their management team in the US many changes are introduced, among them lower wages and seemingly impossible standards of efficiency and quality. This movie, more specifically, expresses differences between the business approaches of America companies compared to Japanese companies. They show clear masculinity and doing’ orientations. The focus simply remains on productivity alone.

Stevenson responds by announcing to the workers that the real reason they are facing such The Japanese company agrees, and upon their arrival in the U. Before the arrival of the Japanese executives, the organization structure of the plant was Work Specialization. Kazihiro, the Japanese executive in charge of the Hadleyville plant, gives Stevenson a large pay increase on the condition that he work as their liaison to convince the American workers to conform to the new management style.


While both feature a flair for the dramatic obvious considering these are movies for entertainment not factual purposes they both do rezumen a semi-realistic work place, perfect to study for this class.

An American autoplant is purchased and retooled to manufacture ka for a Japanese company. In the 80’s movie Gung Ho these tensions are presented in a most unique fashion. Post on Sep views. The president however liked Keaton and proclaimed “You make me laugh. From the Japanese perspective, Kenjis wife ask him to assemble the bicycle which is a birthday gift for his son, but he refuses because hes busy doing work and by doing so, has clearly chosen to put Assan Motors before his sons happiness.

The plot is based on an American car factory that was shutdown and jo by a Japanese company, Assan Motors. The worker wanted to leave to rexumen with his Hunt responds by addressing his observations that the real reason the workers are facing such difficulties is because the Japanese have the work ethic that too many Americans have abandoned.

Every worker was assigned to do a specific task.

The manger wanted the workers to learn new skills and able to do more than one specific task. It clearly shows that Japanese are so collective that they will even sacrifice their family for the interest of the company. Inspired, the workers return and continue to work toward their goal, and pursue it with the level of diligence the Japanese managers had encouraged.

A la Carga Gung Ho by Fab Hdez on Prezi

Keaton has the president count the cars outside first so inside production could continue. The Japanese insisted on discipline, company fitness routines, and putting work before family. Keaton shows up to work by himself and confidentally boosts that he will finish out the quota himself.