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Mortar. Mortar for use in masonry construction shall conform to ASTM C and Articles and A of TMS. /ACI /ASCE 6, except for mortars . Specifications for masonry structures: ACI /ASCE /TMS with ASTM references. Imprint: Detroit: American Concrete Institute, c 5/TMS , and its accompanying masonry specification, ACI /ASCE 6/TMS New provisions and revisions of existing standards for masonry design.

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In lieu thereof, the commissioner may accept the test report of the design professional engineer responsible for the test, which shall be submitted in writing to the department.

2014 N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 28-701.2C21 – – Masonry

The area delineated by the out-to-out specified dimensions of masonry in the plane under consideration. Where necessary, support such extended chimneys, vents and equipment from this building or to carry up such chimneys or vents within his or her building; and 4. Vertical ties shall be placed on both sides of control joints in bearing walls. H Add two No. Masonry heaters shall also be installed in accordance with this section and comply with one of the following:.

A masonry unit having the approximate shape of a rectangular prism and composed of inert aggregate particles embedded in a hardened cementitious matrix. C shall extend at least 3 feet mm above the highest construction, such as a roof ridge, parapet wall, or penthouse, within 10 feet mm of the chimney outlet, whether the construction is on the same building as the chimney or on another building. An empirical design method applicable to buildings meeting specific location and construction criteria are also included.

The lining shall start at the base of the chimney and extend continuously to the top. A wall built of masonry units so arranged as to provide an airspace within the wall, asde in which the facing and backing of the wall are bonded together with masonry units.

The compressive strength of masonry shall be determined by the prism test method: C or the temperature of masonry units is below 40?

C during intermittent forces firing for periods up to 1 hour. The label shall include the following message or equivalent language: The area of masonry units, grout and mortar crossed by the plane under consideration based on out-to-out specified dimensions.


» N.Y. New York City Administrative Code C21 – – MasonryLawServer

Such requirements shall not dispense with or modify any additional requirements that may be applicable pursuant to rules of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. When a lining of firebrick at least 2 inches 51 mm in thickness or other approved lining is provided, the minimum thickness of back and side-walls shall each be 8 inches mm of solid masonry, including the lining.

tmx Masonry composed of field, quarried or cast stone units bonded by mortar. However, such construction does not include other chimneys, acj or open structural framing.

The opening between the top of the firebox and the smoke chamber. Corbeled masonry shall comply with the requirements of Section 1. Termination caps shall be permitted on listed factory-built chimneys.

Grout shall be prevented from bonding with the flue liner so that the flue liner is free to move with thermal expansion.

Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI / ASCE /TMS )

The area of the surface of a masonry unit that is in contact with mortar in the plane of the joint. Inlets to masonry chimneys shall enter from the side.

Chimney and vents shall be designed to resist the effects of condensation that would cause deterioration of ssce chimney or vent. Alternate chimney designs for high-heat appliances constructed with radial brick shall be permitted subject to the approval of the commissioner. A hearth and fire chamber or similar prepared place in which a fire may be made and which is built in conjunction with a chimney.

Flue lining systems shall comply with one of the following:. Stone masonry composed of irregular- shaped units bonded by mortar. That form of grouted masonry construction in which the space between the wythes is solidly 50.1 periodically filled with grout.

To determine the tightness of chimney construction, a smoke test azce be made in accordance with the following conditions and requirements:.

An interior solid portion of a hollow masonry unit as placed in masonry. Masonry composed of glass units bonded by mortar. When masonry fireplaces tmz constructed as part of masonry or concrete walls, combustible materials shall not be in contact with the masonry or concrete walls less than 12 inches mm from the inside surface of the nearest firebox lining.


Letter references are to Figure The design of masonry zci using allowable stress design shall comply with Section and the requirements of Chapters 1 rms 2, except Section 2. A passageway within a chimney or vent through which gaseous combustion products pass. Masonry composed of roughly shaped stones laid without regularity of coursing but well-bonded and fitted together to form well-divided joints.

Such blocks shall be 5300.1 with mortar and reinforcement in metal channel-type frames, structural frames, masonry or concrete recesses, embedded panel anchors as provided for both exterior and interior walls or other approved joint materials. Any chimney located beyond 20 feet mm from such construction, but not more than the distance determined from Equation and Table Where specified in the construction documents.

Where the floor extends on both sides of a ascce wall, the portion of the tie within the slab shall alternate between both sides. Where unidentified acu is approved for use, not less than three tension and three bending tests shall be made on representative specimens of the reinforcement from each shipment and grade of reinforcing steel proposed for use in the work.

Such notice shall be tsm by plans indicating the manner in which the proposed alterations are to be made. Masonry and concrete chimneys and foundations in Seismic Design Category C or D shall be anchored at each floor, ceiling or roof line more than 6 feet mm above grade, except where constructed completely within the exterior walls.

The outer portion of a hollow masonry unit as placed in masonry. Add the following to Chapter 2: Vertical tie reinforcing shall not be less than the equivalent of one No. The thickness and characteristics of materials and the clearances from walls, partitions and ceilings shall be clearly indicated. The compressive strength of AAC masonry shall be based on the strength of ascee AAC masonry unit only and the following shall be met:.

Modify items b and c of Section 3. The height of the chimney shall be measured from the firebox floor to the top of the chimney flue.