AFVA 91-307 PDF

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Post AFVA , Air Force OSH Program Visual Aid, conspicuously so personnel have reasonable access to it. Ensure that. Document AFOSH training on AF Form 55, Employee Safety and Health Record. Post AFVA , Air Force Occupational Safety and. AFVA with Points of Contact. Safety Bulletin Board or Shop Safety Book. AF Form Example. Shop Safety Book. Material Safety Data Sheets for.

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Cords shall not be kinked, stretched affva bent excessively to prevent internal wire damage. Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal. Where unauthorized use of a fixed ladder is a problem, the facility manager or security department shall ensure the ladders are secured from unauthorized access.

Are fire extinguishers inspected and signed off monthly? Compressed Air Lines Safe.

Refer to 29 CFR Where tap water is used, fluid shall be replaced at least monthly. If yes add total number in notes.


Adva a written emergency action plan been written that meets the requirement of 29 CFR Are power tools unplugged and properly stored when not in use? Do all employees who perform work above 4ft, where PFAS systems are available have required training? Build your own checklists for free.

th AW Annual Safety Assessment Checklist – SafetyCulture

Is this an Industrial area? Are emergency light tests being conducted monthly? JSTO reviews will be accomplished by the supervisor and documented with the date of review and the person conducting review.

Ladders 20 feet or less shall be of a continuous length.

Afva 125 17

The width of the stair shall be measured clear of all obstructions except handrails. Create your own in minutes. Multi-receptacle surge protectors shall only be used to power computers and related equipment such as lights or avfa.

Personnel 91-30 not hold meters in their hand while performing measurements on energized circuits or equipment. Are workers provided fall protection when exposed to falls of four 4 feet or more? Are active and passive means of fall protection considered before using procedural controls?


Surge protectors nor extension cords shall be used with high current items such as coffee makers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, heaters, food preparation equipment, etc.

Does the equipment have the manufacturers name, ID code, and date? Does this unit have fixed ladders?

If the AF Form 55 is mandated for use as the training documentation device, the entity that mandated the form usage will prescribe the requirement in writing. Where possible, matting shall continue 24 inches beyond the end of the equipment. Send us your form. Are chemical inventories available?

Tap to enter information. Is the Supervisor or USR conducting monthly safety meetings?

Inspection of Safety Equipment. Are PPE inspections performed? AFVA 18 December AFI para 4.