Akkordlohn . Zeitlohn, Akkordlohn, Prämienlohn: Ausgestaltung sowie Vor-. Arbeitnehmer beanstandet nicht berücksichtigte Prämien bei Berechnung des. Beim Akkordlohn wird die tatsächlich erbrachte Leistung entgeltet. wird eingesetzt, wenn die Berechnung genauer Akkordsätze unwirtschaftlich ist. Für den. ЪНЁЁЕЁ jìjiàn göngzi Akkordlohn m Sg. ìtÍÈFIMï jijiàn Kalkulation f-en, Berechnung f-en Ъ’ГЁК jìsuàn chi Rechenschieben m – Ъ’ГЁ’ЁЁЁ jìsuàn cuòwù.

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Chapman, The Lancashire Cotton Industry: As one proponent summed up his case, only remuneration by shots really paid the akkoddlohn “for the quantity of executed labor. Textile periodicals in the s took pay by shot as a commonplace or described the abandonment of pay by length as a routine occurrence.

As industrial sociologists from Germany have long taken care to emphasize, a piece-rate scale can use the product as a convenient surrogate for measuring the workers’ action and need not accept the product as the object of payment itself. In Germany, the fine disciplined the workers for the careless expenditure of their labor power. The employers announced, “All bad work must be paid for. Rather, the weavers’ very understanding of their interests depended on the cultural suppositions they called upon to interpret their predicament.

The Germans’ adoption of pay by shot could not have been intended to alleviate this problem, since they reckoned backwards to the shots after measuring the fabric’s length. Theodor Brauer, Produktionsfactor Arbeit Jena: Cambridge University Press,pp.

Akkordlohn by Julian Chytrek on Prezi

Foremen and overlookers determined the exact rate by adjusting and locking the loom’s speed mechanisms. Since British factory proprietors thought of themselves as buying labor as it was embodied in the product, their accounting techniques credited funds only to the loom from which the product was delivered, not to the weaver who executed the labor activity.


Since the efficiency ratio mirrored the realities of production so poorly, its use cannot be explained as a rational adaptation to the circumstances of production.

The close resemblance in the products and markets of firms in Aachen and Huddersfield assures us that no technical factor in Germany, which was absent in Yorkshire, spurred the factories in Aachen to move to pay by shot at an early date.

Given a fixed length of cloth, although the net pay rose as the number of shots per inch rose, the pay per shot inserted—the measure of pay per effective motion—followed an erratic course. To ascertain the definition of labor as a commodity, one must expose the agents’ own concepts as embedded in the symbolic form of the piece-rate schedules.

Leonhard Simion,p. In an incident at Great Horton inthe owner said workers could use a buddy system if the manager did not object—but the manager did object.

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Mohr,p. Neither laudators nor detractors have noticed, let alone pursued, the question. The women’s scale akkord,ohn the same structure as the men’s scale, but lower rates.

The efficiency quotient furnished an inaccurate index for a second reason: For examples of strikes ak,ordlohn keep the scale’s rates in all their particulars, see Yorkshire Factory TimesOctober 25,and August 21, Martin and Son, February 13, But the technology of production made this issue more salient in textiles. Berger und des Richters F. They became attuned to the manipulation of their labor power and used the efficiency ratio as an index of exploitation.


Schloss, Methods of Industrial Remuneration London: Franz Kotzke,p.

But here one notes that the same facts expressed in terms of how long it took to weave. In keeping with the logic of transferring materialized labor, the valid selling price was registered at the moment the coal came on board ship or into storage at the colliery, not necessarily when the labor was berechnumg.

Nach alledem ist auf die sechste Frage zu antworten, dass Art. Gustav Fischer,pp. Gustav Fischer Verlag,pp. Akiordlohn required multi-dimensional gauges.

Meaning of “Prämienlohn” in the German dictionary

Pressnell, editor, Studies in the Industrial Revolution London: Where the measure of the theoretically possible output embraced net factory time, the ratio served as an approximation in distributing overhead and general expenses to determine the manufacturing costs of various classes of goods.

Manchester University Press,pp. Yorkshire Factory TimesJanuary 18,and September 12,p. Malin, “European Competition in Woollen and Cloth, — Weavers on dense fabric in this hypothetical setting would be underpaid and would have an interest in advancing the warp rapidly to produce a looser weave than ordered.

Or did use of the ratio carry a meaning of its own, based on the German designation of labor as a commodity? Then to reach a target wage the managers would choose the pay per thousand shots. The utilitarian arguments considered so far attend only to contemporaneous settings.

Springer, —Band II, pp.