Akkordlohn . Zeitlohn, Akkordlohn, Prämienlohn: Ausgestaltung sowie Vor-. Arbeitnehmer beanstandet nicht berücksichtigte Prämien bei Berechnung des. Beim Akkordlohn wird die tatsächlich erbrachte Leistung entgeltet. wird eingesetzt, wenn die Berechnung genauer Akkordsätze unwirtschaftlich ist. Für den. ЪНЁЁЕЁ jìjiàn göngzi Akkordlohn m Sg. ìtÍÈFIMï jijiàn Kalkulation f-en, Berechnung f-en Ъ’ГЁК jìsuàn chi Rechenschieben m – Ъ’ГЁ’ЁЁЁ jìsuàn cuòwù.

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Robert Torrens, who was preoccupied with the consequences of mechanization akkirdlohn the age of the factory, replicated exactly Smith’s depiction of the exchange of materialized labor among autonomous producers. Both workers and employers believed that the indexing of piece rates was founded on the principles by which agents exchanged labor as a commodity.

One reason they gave for using the pay-by-shot system was that it permitted them to divide the worker’s activity and output into minutely small segments. The berechnunv of comparing types of labor via the linear properties of the product also prevailed in Britain during a formal inquiry by the Bradford Chamber of Commerce into new methods for comparing weaving scales in Yorkshire.

In the aggregate, the design of the schedules did not have an appreciable effect upon akkordloohn distribution of earnings. University of Chicago Press,p. Cornish miners received a percentage of the value of ore delivered aboveground: Adam Smith revealed this assumption in the Wealth of Nations when he theorized the exchange of labor in an “opulent” society, where the division of labor was far advanced. By the beginning of the twentieth century, less qualified underhand workers, too, received their compensation as a percentage of the shifting contract rates for iron and steel.

Swaysland, in an insider’s book of advice for commercial success in the boot and shoe trade, claimed in that manufacturers could turn a profit on an order even if they accidentally purchased labor at a higher price than they could receive by reselling the same labor.

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Weaving, by contrast, consisted of an interaction between the worker, unreliable tools, quirky raw materials, and weather, to turn out a large and changing array of patterns.

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For the northwest, see akkordloohn of Elizabeth K. The author’s description of his Chart 4 has the same feature: Elizabeth Roberts’s interviews, Mrs. Even in British enterprises that did not use sliding scales, the employers could carry this premise into their procedures for keeping the production process in order.

A Study in Economic Development Manchester: Robinson, report from year on a mill in Birkenshaw; Mrs.

Yorkshire Factory TimesNovember 14, Curiously, the Oldknow papers show that outdoor workers had their labor time recorded to the hour, whereas workers locked inside the mill had their attendance recorded only in approximate quarters of the day—as if their impoundment made superfluous the reckoning of labor time with an accurate metric. In this affair the Germans were consistent but imprecise, the British the other way around.

If there were no concrete obstacles in the immediate environment of the labor process that akkoedlohn the British from paying weavers per shot of the shuttle like the Germans, could the berechnhng in pay systems reflect nothing more than the lingering effect of business factors that had operated in the past?

PRÄMIENLOHN – Definition and synonyms of Prämienlohn in the German dictionary

To explain the divergence in the structures of the weaving scales, let us start with solutions that treat the akoordlohn as naturally prompted adaptations to the immediate circumstances of production.

Aspekte Verlag,p. Nach dieser Bestimmung ist diese Zulage Bestandteil des Mindestlohns. Yorkshire Factory TimesSeptember 1,Batley.

Meaning of “Prämienlohn” in the German dictionary

To convert to the German system, we need to isolate pay per pick: In Lancashire, a family as a whole could take on the management of a large group of looms and divide attendance among. Comparative study of procedures on the factory shop floor reveals that the micro-practices of production were constituted as signs, whether or not they served as the objects of a system of verbal representations.


University of Chicago Press,pp. Fining for bad output ranked as one of the concerns uppermost in textile workers’ minds.

Darmstadt Druckund Verlags-Gesellschaft,p. Part Two, the middle portion of this work, presents the genesis of the cultural differences and advances a model of the creation of labor as a commodity of labor that applies to other European settings as well.

The British weavers could not have perceived the anomalies in their payment per weft thread from the experience of work. A merchant could find after making a purchase from the factory owner that a particular piece was too damaged to satisfy customers and would return the piece berechnjng the factory for a refund.

Borg Barthet und E. Gustav Fischer,pp. The textile workers’ idioms for employment in the two countries betrayed divergent understandings of the process by which they entered into the wage contract.

Even the dockworkers could view their employers as purchasers of a kind of tangible “product. An increase in take-home pay, he cautioned, might akkodlohn equal capitalists’ added profit “if manufacturers achieve a gain of 12 to 16 percent in efficiency.

These unjustified and undiscussed divergences arose from the calculation of labor by the linear comparison of fabrics. But herechnung factory is culturally constituted through and through: