Alan Bullock: Hitler. A Study in Tyranny-. London, Odhams Press Limited. pp. The English historian A. Bullock tackled a difficult task by undertaking. Hitler has ratings and 64 reviews. Michael said: This book was recommended by a well-respected author focused on the period when Hitler came to pow. Read the full-text online edition of Hitler: A Study in Tyranny ().

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I had to read this Junior year of high school. Books by Alan Bullock. This book is utterly compelling. Bullock’s work, written just 7 years after the death of Hitler, provides many insights into the defining events of the s and 40s and possibly offers a glimpse into our own dystopian future.

The result is an exhaustive and sober study of the life and character of Adolf Hitler, which corrects many mistakes, myths and falsehoods about the man which persist even today.

I of course take no credit for the speed of reading, rather I can only commend Alan Bullock for writing an account of a truly terrible time in such a readable way. So when Hitler made speeches filled with hatred and bigotry while his thugs beat people in the streets he was acting like many other political figures of the time. It could have been strangled in the crib but by wit, a gossamer of legality, a maniacal will, and just enough useful fools, a suicidal political movement gained absolute power.

An attempt to explain how a man could rise to power in Germany who was not German but Austrian, never finished high school, never had a real bullocj outside his stint in the army, never visited any country except Germany and Austria and Fra Not a study of Hitler as insane anti-Semite, but of Hitler as master politician.

Would recommend to the interested. I did study World War back in school for several years but there were many details that gyranny new for me. See all reviews.

: Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (): Alan Bullock: Books

The story next moves to mainland Germany. Harper Perennial; Abridged edition June 5, Language: I also appreciate Bullock’s insistence that we give Hitler credit for being what he was–a man with a genius for politics and political manipulation–rather than simply dismissing him as a vulgar demagogue.


His enigmatic personality, harboring a will sutdy power was hidden from the German people until it was too late. For these remarkable powers were combined with an ugly and strident egotism, a moral and intellectual cretinism.

Yes, the hybris of our Dear Exalted Cheesy Puff. Contents Preface to the Revised Edition. Inside the Third Reich. Will the nation bestir itself in time?

An attempt to explain how a man could rise to power in Germany who was not German but Austrian, never finished high school, never had a real job outside his stint in the army, never visited any country except Germany and Austria and France in WWI and could hiter speak any foreign language, in 4 years in the army during WWI never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal, and who was only famous as the leader of a radical hate group that tried to overthrow the government and for writing a book that aoan detailed his intentions to seize power, turn Germany into a police state with him as dictator, invade Russia and kill all the Jews.

By the end, Hitler was strung out bad. Hard to relax knowing so much depends on the upcoming midterms. Do not opt for the abridgement; do the deep dive.

Before then he was a brilliant politician who consistently outplayed his opponents and confounded his detractors with his apparent infallibility and uncanny luck.

Hitler A Study In Tyranny

Although he had the advantage of being the first person to write a scholarly study of the German leader, his work remains one of the best, if not the best, biography of the dominant political personality of the first half of the twentieth century. By stripping back the myth the man only becomes more disturbing in the ideological, enigmatic, ordinariness of A power at all costs politician Jun 30, Gorgeousglenda rated it really liked it.

Set up a giveaway. The flaw lies deeper. The entire history has lessons to be learned about assessing the complexities of international relations — and how letting things go too far can have such enormous and tragic consequences.


All in all it is definitely a great book which has about pages of facts on WW2 and Hitler. Steven Spielberg, take notice.

The genius of propaganda, Herr Goebbels, now took his hitlfr as a major player in world history. View all 4 comments. I knew Hitler was probably one of the greatest antagonists of the post medieval world.

One of these items ships sooner than the other. Something evil is rapidly gaining strength. The difference was that they didn’t write a manual calling for the “removal” of all Jews and the occupation of the Ukraine. Hitler by lying and cunning whipped up his crowds to a frenzy of hatred. Showing of reviews. He explains the Beer Bitler Putsch so that I understand it, which no one else I’ve read has managed he’s not as good on the Night of the Long Knives–Hohne is better–but that’s less about Hitler’s personal machinations and more about the machinations of those around him.

He tends to take witnesses at their word, not considering carefully the circumstances under which testimony was given. Fest, the son hitelr a Catholic anti-Nazi, who grew up in Nazi Germany but he never alludes to his own lifehas written a masterful biography of the madman of the century.

In those areas where there hltler less detail Bullock informs the reader as to why that sudy has been made, and I can only rate the book on what it IS rather than what it is not. Of course, as Hitler could have told him, inspiring the masses to such a depth of thinking was basically hopeless.