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Philip M. Raup; Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective, Alexander Gerschenkron, Cambridge, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, . Gerschenkron (), a differential behaviour in terms of accumulation, () emphasis on the fact that countries which had a late start would follow a. Gerschenkron, Alexander, , Economic Backwardness in Historical. Perspective.***. Lecture Three: Other Industrialized Countries than Britain. I. U.S.

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It is likewise anti-Rostovian.

But he was the best scholar I have known. No eBook available Amazon. What was an advantage in one historical setting can readily become a disadvantage in another. Should one renationalize after the extraordinary privatization that has occurred over the last decade or so? Elements of modernity and backwardness could survive side by side, and did, in a systematic fashion.

Gerschenkron had a profound influence on his students. For others, his approach has often proved a useful starting point for the historical discussion of other parts of the world, such as Henry Rosovsky did with Japan, and others, elsewhere.

At least Berkeley provided a place for him to return, as he did in September Long-standing friendships were broken, as with John Kenneth Galbraith. He researched at the University of California, Berkeley, for five years and then in alexandef moved to Washington, D. Suddenly recommitted to study, he overcame his initial lapse, and graduated with his class.

Even the recent pause, requiring massive assistance from the IMF and extensive domestic restructuring, has gerschenkronn off with barely a temporary decline. He worked on the Federal Reserve Board for four years, and was eventually promoted to the head of the Gerschenkrob Section.

Retrieved April 18, When he was 16, he and his father left Russia during the period of the Bolshevik Revolution. He showed that the high rate of gerschenkrron of Soviet industrial production was an effect of index number bias: Gerschenkron stated that a country such as Gerrschenkron, backward relative to Britain when it embarked on alesander, did not go through the same stages. InGerschenkron wrote an essay Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspectivea cornerstone of his career, and of significance to European economic history.


Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He did well, advancing to head of the International Section, until the decisive moment came in There were his regular lunchtime performances at the Faculty Club and Eliot House and his interactions with other Harvard scholars. Fishlow, Albert Project His third great contribution came through his students.

Born in Odessa inhe died in Cambridge, Massachusetts in References to this book Trust: His early life was eventful. That book attacked the Junkers for their exploitation of the rest of the German population, and earned him promotion to the rank of Instructor with the opportunity to teach courses.

CambridgeMassachusettsUnited States. With a monopoly in place, the government could set a price policy, which would force a number of farmers to discontinue grain production for the market and eventually carry out the needed adjustment of high cost agriculture to the international market conditions.

Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective

His failure, only slexander Latin and geometry, meant he was rejected. Send email to admin eh. For methods employing a reference price structurea country’s share of total GDP that is the total for the group of countries being compared will rise as the reference price structure becomes less characteristic of its own price structure.

A Aldxander of Essays. His seminar then, and the availability of fellowship support, attracted several Harvard students, and even some from neighboring MIT, to work in the field. He and his wife wrote an article together on translations of Shakespeare, which was published in a literary journal.


Alexander Gerschenkron – Wikipedia

The countries of Asia have managed to regain their position of primacy in global growth rates. Sign In Forgot password? My library Help Advanced Book Search. The Gerschenkron effect can arise with xlexander methods that use either a reference price structure or a reference volume structure to compare countries.

In Germany, the key slexander would be the formation of large banks to provide access to needed capital for industrialization, even as greater Russian backwardness required a larger and more direct state compensatory role. Gerschenkron was born in Odessa into an elite family of the Russian intelligentsia.

Most users should sign in with their email address. He married, had a child and took a position representing a Belgian motorcycle firm in Vienna. He influenced a generation of Harvard economists through his required graduate course in economic history. A quick measure of his current influence is the almost Google references that turn up with the entry of his name.

Gerschenkron also warns of the possible difficulties of creating a government monopoly. What these persons gained was proximity to a stellar intellect, and close association with each other as they pursued their research.

And more recently, with the rise of political economy as a field, his work is widely assigned as required reading. Social Attitudes Entrepreneurship and Economic Devel. A Mixed Event Response Model. That provided a chance gedschenkron him to assess each student early on through a brief visit to his office. For those who went on in the field more seriously, the regular evening seminar became the focus.