Colour Browser. Colour Temperature. All, warm, cold, neutral. Colour Scheme. All, monochrome, polychrome. Colour Series. All, solid, metallic Colour Charts . ALUCOBOND® Spectra colours. Download our new ALUCOBOND® Spectra colours charts as PDF-file. Download as PDF [ MB]. One can not go wrong with this selection of solid and metallic colours. Select solid ones to achieve a tuned down, uniform effect. Or play with different.

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Port Everglades Cruise Terminal Front face sheet shall be factory pre-finished in colour or finish selected from the alucogond One of the first companies to develop its own environmental management systems, the company has EN ISO certification and is regularly audited by independent auditors. Downloads Alucobond Terra Brochure Download. Keeping you up to date with current trends is also our job. These are non-stocked color options which can be ordered to size. Warranties For warranty information please contact your Alucobond representative.

We have several Corporate Identity programs currently being offered. Axcent Classic — These samples represent finishes within the Classic line and are for chatr matching purposes only.

Alucobond Spectra and Sparkling Brochure Download. Our CID brochure goes into more clor about the brands we have helped and the solutions we have provided. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

For exact colour matching, request for actual colour samples. Alucobond Urban Design Brochure Download.

Colour Charts | Alucobond®

To view technical fixing information please click on thumbnails. The finely textured aluminum scatters light for a close-up visual effect, while retaining the luster of smooth aluminum from afar. Thank you for your question – we will reply to you as soon as possible.


The palette of coil-coated colors can be endless. Download Recycling for Future Generations Brochure here. During the manufacturing process, all excess core material is recycled back into the manufacturing process and all scrap aluminium is sent back to hcart processing plants for recycling. Custom colors are available but require a 1, sqft.


This website uses cookies and Google Analytics with Opt-Out option. Alucobond Alucobond Plus 3mm 4mm 6mm 4mm Plus 0.

Minimums and color fees will apply. Alucobond Solid and Metallic Brochure Download.

Send the color sample to: Alucobond Spectra colors use high-quality fluorocarbon paint systems applied in a continuous coil-coated process to create a color-shifting surface. Here’s what we’ve found interesting. Alucobond Custom Color Match Department West Fifth Street Benton, KY Please provide your name, company name, address, phone number and email address, as well as the project name, project location, type of finish and gloss.

Thank you for your question – we will reply to you as soon as possible. Lead times may apply. Inspirational Non-stocking Colors — These samples represent finishes designed to inspire creativity. These include cutting, grooving, folding, bending, rolling and edge treatment. Spray applied coatings are not acceptable. From conceptual vision to finished project, the Alucobond sales and service professionals will guide you through the process.

Download this flyer to learn more about our new naturAL Woodgrain colors. When requesting a color, we will provide you with the resin type, the number of coats, the color name and the gloss level. Spectra — These samples represent finishes within the Spectra line that are standard stocking items. Alucobond “Beyond Facades” Brochure Download. We will update the progress of your custom color request via email.


Alucobond naturAL colors mimic the beauty of real metal surfaces to enhance the design of your architectural project. Alucobond Corporate Identity Brochure. Alucobond Anodized Look Brochure Download.

HVG Facades has a proven history of facilitating smooth supply programs for large corporate rollouts. AC25 Editorially Revised Aug Fire performance of external cladding systems. Let your imagination be our guide! Our naturAL colors mimic the beauty of real metal surfaces to enchance the design of your architectural project.

Exact matches are sometimes not possible. Call or email: Thank you for submitting a quote aluobond – we will reply to you as soon as possible. Alucobond Design Brochure Download. Pantone C, or a PPG paint code reference.

Color Chart Alucobond Aluminum Composite Panel

Porous polyvinylidenefluoride PVDF hollowfibermembranes were fabricated via a wet phase-inversion. Please contact Customer Service for the most accurate listings as well as stocking of naturAL series and Spectra colors. Spectra — These samples represent finishes within the Spectra line designed to inspire creativity.

Our dedicated Corporate Identity Managers, quality European colpr and warehousing capability sets us above the competition.