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It was sad to hear a few months later: My clients really love the sea apparently: It took three years to complete the entire sleeve. Too bad that after a couple of sessions, when I expressed my frustration for not being able to perform the work in my own way anjuario replied: Only after three hours laughing and joking did we realize that time had flown by and that there was work waiting for us. Apart from a few cherry blossoms, the whole sleeve is based on shades of black and grey.

After finishing the initial sketch he asked me if the demons could have a more classical look, adding a torso, legs, arms etc. Some of my work has been published in this issue of Skin Shots, one of the best selling tattoo magazines in the UK. In the first session I did the outlines, in the second one I worked on the skull and on the inside of the forearm, in the third I completed the outside of the arm and everything was completed in the fourth and last sitting.

In my opinion biomechanicals are the most suitable designs for cover-ups, but cover-ups are still hard work.


Jerry Magni – Page 5 – Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist

Simone Sacco was born inthe year NYC punk rock broke out. What are the key elements that characterize your work?

But we were slowly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel: Subscribe to our newsletter and join our community. I remembered that I had saved the image of a baroque frame which I used as a reference to develop the decoration rising from the bottom left. This Fan Art started out as a sketch to test and organize my digital brushes, but I found myself immersed in the image without being able to stop retouching every little detail.

This guy showed up at the first consultation meeting with a tattoo magazine for which, by the way, I had worked italianni until from which he had chosen a design that he wanted me tayuatori copy.

Let the News come to you! This time my work has been included among the best back pieces.

Two more annuagio were needed to complete the frame and the veil. An artist changes over time, he grows, evolves, and a project designed at different stages will hardly turn out to be organic like a project that has been carefully planned in advance.

After sixteen months the work was finally finished. Un tatuatore e il suo stile: From those elements I would have worked on something completely new.

I was hoping to be able to complete the car but the resistance of the client didn’t allow me to. If the second session seemed challenging the third one put us both to the test.


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I tried to quickly revisit the design, I flipped the stencil, I did several tests but it was all for nothing. So at this early stage we wasted a little time due to my “naivite” and optimism. A behavior not unlike that of a child who tries to convince his mother to buy him something saying: What’s more, during the drawing process I got so carried away that I overlooked the fact that the Mad Hatter’s head was turned towards the back of the calf. She also writes regularly articles for Tattoo Life, a revue on the history and culture of tattooing.

Tattooing A to Z: the Tattoo Portraits Collection

The lyrics of a song or a quote by some famous asshole can surely find similarities in texts that are far more synthetic, valuable and intense written by some poets or playwrights. Yeah yeah, there are plenty of mechanics and plumbers who extract molars out there; everyone knows that owning a pair of tweezers is enough to pull out a tooth!! Today I was hoping to be able to finish the taruatori and sky but after approx. In December he asked me to tattoo italianl other arm taking up the same space of the first one.

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