Distribution & Habitat: Anthurium andreanum is a spectacular South American perennial epiphytic plant, which produces dark green, glossy leaves about 23cm . Anthurium Andreanum. Anthurium cm (high). Put in a little and get back a lot! Light: Medium: Soil can dry out moderately between watering. Watering. Anthurium, flamingo flowers are evergreen plants and adorn every room with Anthurium andreanum . With good care, the anthurium will grow and flourish.

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One of the best ways to stay clear of the use of chemicals is periodic wiping of the foliage and a gentle spray of water.

Even flat tap water still contains a small amount of chalk.

This Anthurium -related article is a stub. Ideal for the start is cultivation soil which is equipped with the right nutrients to develop the small seedlings into beautiful flamingo flowers.

For separation of the plant, lift the plant from the pot and cut it with a sharp knife in two or more parts.

The leaves are often clustered and are variable in shape. Mist aerial roots roots that are above the ground frequently.

Plants & Flowers » Anthurium andreanum

The sap is irritating to the skin and eyes. But on the other hand, the plants desire high humidity. In order to maintain the humidity around them, plants can be sprayed slightly with a spray bottle or can be placed a tray of damp pebbles beneath the plant.


Anthuurium Cooperative Extension Service.

Anthurium andraeanum – Wikipedia

Treat Anthurium andreanum with magnesium about once a month. To promote bud formation, move the plant to a bright place, such as filtered light from a south or west window.

Also, small balls of Styrofoam ensure that the soil stays permeable for air and water. Anthurium can be propagated by seed or vegetatively by cuttings. As true tropicals, anthuriums can be grown reliably outdoors in Hardiness Zones 11 to It is only about the anthuurium of the calcified substrate.

A very permeable substrate is suitable, such as which is used for orchids. Fungal problems — leaf spot, flower blight, and root rot: Not to be confused with Antirrhinum. This plant is originally from wet tropical andreanumm forests of Central and South America, so it does best in warm, wet climates.

Anthurium Andreanum – The flamingo flower – Picture of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

Check roots for damage and possibility of secondary infection by fungus or bacteria. See list of species. Now, it can take a couple of weeks until the first roots develop. Thus, pets should be kept well away from the plant.


Then the plant will be inserted and more substrate will be filled in and pressed. To match Anthurium andreanum natural habitat, they should be watered more frequently in the summer and less frequently in the winter. The substrate needs to be completely renewed to remove any remaining chalk. Her original habitat are the tropes. Plants do not bloom until they are about 1 year old. They are juicy berries varying in color, usually containing two seeds. Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Keep moist in growing season and drier in winter. Because of the warmth they receive in the rain forest, Anthurium andreanum need to be kept in an area that stays between 15 to 30 o C o F.