Keyboard artist David Schrader, a favorite of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, made his solo recording debut with this CD of harpsichord works. Buy Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango by Antonio Soler, BegoƱa Uriarte, Karl- Hermann Mrongovius from Amazon’s Classical Music Store. Everyday low prices . Antonio Soler, Scott Ross – Padre Soler: Fandango / 9 Sonates – Music.

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But flamenco was the taproot, since fandangos could be sung as well as danced. T here are also versions of the documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; you can download these by right-clicking the title and selecting “Save target as” if you are using Internet Explorer – for other browsers, see your documentation for instructions on how to do this.

Although pianists antoni and do play Padre Soler ‘s Fandango the Escorial owned at least one early fortepiano while Soler lived and worked therethe work was virtually unknown to twentieth century listeners until Rafael Puyana featured it on a Philips stereodisc of Baroque harpsichord music.

Padre Soler’s most celebrated works are his keyboard sonataswhich are comparable to those composed by Domenico Scarlatti with whom he may have studied but are more varied in form than those of Scarlatti, with some pieces in three or four movements; Scarlatti’s pieces are in one mostly or two movements. While Scarlatti’s influence on Soler is evident, it is well to note some salient differences in the two composers’ works for keyboard.

Similarities, however, include the demand for virtuosic technique, a fondness for syncopations, and a thorough infusion of Spanish folk music.

Retrieved from ” https: Album Details Total Time: The proponent and instigator of this theory is Isidro Barrio, himself a Soler performer and scholar, who states his case as follows: T he composers own words give us another rare glimpse of the apparently vivacious and opinionated “inner man” from the Llave de la Modulacion: By a curious coincidence, both of these composers solwr their career in the Benedictine monastery at MontserratSpain.

Of course, the MIDI versions of antoni sonatas are a pale imitation of performances by professional musicians on real harpsichords; thanks to a growing interest in Soler’s works, there are now numerous excellent CD recordings available. Bill Maylone Front Cover: Pianist Santiago Rodriguezwho has played the work often as aoler as recorded it, remembers that it sounded “vaguely familiar” when he first studied the music — “a walking bass, fandxngo to a street musician’s, simple without being provocative.

  IEC 60289 PDF

Beyond this we enter into the realm of speculation. Sample selected tracks from our latest releases. At the time being, however, we can declare the hunt open for the true author.

Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango & Sonatas | Cedille Records

A word on the sonata numbers: Infurthermore, Anthony Tudor choreographed a ballet to the music that entered the American Ballet Theatre repertoire two decades later. Igor Kipnis Solo Recordings There are undeniable similarities in their sonatas, other than the obvious fact that they are mostly in the binary sonata eoler both composers delighted in wide leaps, frantic crossings of the hands, and scalar passages in double thirds or sixths.

Soler’s Six Concertos for Two Organs are still very much in the repertoire and have often been recorded. T hough he is properly considered a personality of the Age of Enlightment, we might also characterize Antonio Soler as a “Renaissance Man” of many talents – monk, priest, author, mathematician, inventor, innovator, student, teacher, and, of course, composer.

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. As the maestro de capilla at the Escorial royal palace in Madrid see photo in graphics linkshis solwr were many and varied, including teaching and acting as the first organist as well as composing all of the music for church services.

The music was first converted to digital format with Finalethen sequenced with Cakewalk Pro and also converted to the solfr format. You will also find a link to a concordance that cross-references all of the published editions along with the key of each sonata which information, to my knowledge, has never before appeared as a single collectionas well as to a bibliography, discography, and table of editions of the harpsichord sonatas, graphics pages, and errata.

Perhaps Scarlatti benefited from the relationship as much as his student. Such people claim this right for themselves although they would do better not to practice it.

Una matica de ruda. P robably the most famous, and certainly the most played, of Soler’s harpsichord works is the ubiquitous, dazzling Fandango R. El Diablo vestido de fraile. Soler stated the principal subject after a page of accompaniment that ends in a double-bar, and thereafter elaborated it at extraordinary length not as a theme and variations, which Rubio and some others have postulated, but rather as a fantasiawith a brief F major section in the middle, before D minor returns.


I hope to explain in greater depth at a later date the reasons which make me doubt the authenticity of the work. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Antonio Soler.

If your soundcard can use external patches, I recommend that you search the web for a good harpsichord patch and substitute it for the original in order to hear the MIDI files to their best advantage. A s did Couperin and Rameau, but not to such a degree, Soler occasionally gave descriptive names to his sonatas. I have transmogrified a selection of Soler’s harpsichord sonatas for the MIDI and mp3 formats, and you can hear them by selecting from the audio files and sheet music page.

Later in life, he was chapel master in Lleida and at the Royal Court in El Escorialin which latter venue he continued his musical studies.

Fandango for keyboard in D minor, No 146

F or those who are unfamiliar with the sonatas, Sonata 21 is recommended as an introduction. Other fandanfo include Christmas villancicos [1] and Catholic liturgical music, including Masses.

In his life he produced: He died in the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial ; no portraits of him are known to exist. Album Rating — Please select — 5 4 3 2 1.

Fandango, R (Soler, Antonio) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

F rom his title you have deduced that he was a monk a Hieronymite, to be exactbut he was also a priest. Details for these CD’s and many others may be found in the linked Soler discography. I f Soler did indeed write the Fandangothen it is unique soker all of his harpsichord works. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Irvin of Glenview, Illinois in A fandango once attributed to Soler, and probably more often performed than any fancango work of his, is now thought by some to be of doubtful authorship.

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