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Anviz OA – biometric indentification and access control. ·OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed for ·Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable. OA is the fingerprint time attendance and access control system designed Anviz optical fingerprint sensor, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.

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Delete the existing temporary scheduling in the selected time range; 5. First, setup necessary timetables. It displays as follows: Each staffer can only have one shift.

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The following window will pop up: Arrange a Temporary Shift When one or many staff’s working time needs to be changed temporarily, you can arrange a temporary shift.

OA has 5 identification methods. All data will be cleaned up.

Please refer to the following steps: Import and transfer staffer. Toolbar of report preview is as the following picture: If the calculation result is incorrect for some staff, first, please check whether there is leave or forgetting Clock in or Clock out for this staff.

Too dry finger Touch the forehead oa2280 increase oily level of the finger. The Bio-Office Employee Time and Attendance system is very easy to install, the quick do-it-yourself instruction guides you through configuring the software to reflect your timekeeping and payroll policies.

Input the database name or click the button to select the correct database file. In addition, staff information and fingerprint templates can be uploaded and downloaded between the unit and the computer. Please see the picture below: Low fingerprint quality with callus or peeling Enroll other fingers with better quality 6. If we will revise to write down, click the right key and springs the following menu: Statistic report Ahviz, check and calculate records to generate time attendance report.


For detail, please refer to 4. Every item should be setup in timetables with no blank left. The interface is as following, 23 After activating real time monitor, when a user makes attendance record on unit, the record will appear directly in the list of the window below. Or else, this function is limited.

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The main interface includes three parts: Please note there should be no blank left. Add one unit regardless the number after the minimum unit is. All of our products come with a Day period of technical support included, in which our Bio-Office experts snviz guide and help you get your system up and running quickly, When you have questions or need hands-on technical support for Bio-Office products, you can get friendly, expert advice from the Anviz Biometric team.

Equipped with an Ethernet port and superior USB flash memory downloading capabilities making it our Enterprise edition payroll time attendance system designed for small to large size businesses with up to employees. It is assumed that the shift goes around every week, cycle every three weeks and staff is on holiday every Saturday and Sunday. It is far from enough to understand only the function of each module but to know the connections between them anvizz the system operation flowchart.


You can install camera to take pictures and edit then save.

Anviz OA280

There are three options: Please note the starting date of the shift. Attendance Report Print Report: The installation will be done after seconds see the picture below: The default is Com1 and the bps.

Please avoid direct sunlight, water, collision and use in extreme environment. Please register and punch by thumb or index finger if possible 2.

The following is Chinese interface: Please refer to the example for details. Our award winning technical support team is only a phone call away. The fingerprint captured properly Solution was not Enroll the finger again. Abandon the number after the minimum unit one regardless it is.

Anviz Bio-office Oa280-wall Mount Fingerprint Employee Timeclock & Attendance SY

The management password can be Deletion of the shifts Select the shifts in the shifts form which you want to delete, click Delete button, and click ok on the pop up dialog box to finish the deletion. Attention should be taken for this operation!

OA, with world cutting edge technologies—fingerprint recognition, computer communication, as well as microelectronics, is considered annviz be combination of three technologies: