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Of all of the applications in SAP SCM, Global Available to Promise (GATP) is often considered the most difficult to explain and, as a result, the. Thus, along with the fact that so much GATP Some propose that GATP is located in APO because. SAP SCM APO – GATP – Global Available To Promise. The SAP SCM is one of the SAP Business Suite solutions to manage Supply Chain Management in an.

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These are all optional entries, and GATP can be configured to include all of these, or any combination of them. Serious Network Setup in APO Through extensive use of graphics and screen images, this book will familiarize you with Supply Network Planning in SAP APO and show you what you need to do to design supply networks for real-life applications, where common business requirements necessitate a nonstandard system design.

Availability checking is the standard functionality of SD. Your document helped me a lot to get basic understanding on gATP. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized apl only. Filter the treated elements, sort those sales documents, and schedule them.

These two are important fields to call out. Production is either triggered for the full requirement quantity or partial requirement quantity depending on the available inventory.

Introduction to SAP GATP aka Global Available to Promise

Indeed helps people get ap EDQA is a feature garp BOP that allows the system to react immediately, based on the business events that are affecting the stock availability situation. In between the requested delivery date and the material availability date the goods issue date, the loading date and the transportation planning date are scheduled. July 7, at 4: Know how to design the supply network for complex and non-standard workflows, such as planning locations that are external to the supply network.

GATP not only returns a confirmation on requested quantities and dates but also different alternatives regarding when material might become available. Easily apply 5 days ago – save job – more They match customers and suppliers through the website.


The order checking begins in SD when the order is tested. The operations of a business. A few reasons for the general opaqueness of the application include the following:.

June 24, at 1: This is where GATP presents the availability and receives commitments on requests from a customer, while the fulfillment of the ap is gaatp by a supplier to the owner and maintainer of the GATP system. How best a KPI can be kept at the business acceptance level would be the primary reason aapo any customer to implement apoo module.

See by clicking the image below: That is it was a marketing rather than an engineering decision. These are all the options that appear for the Check Instructions. However, it describes many areas of functionality in GATP that I know very well are never implemented — for instance it describes how GATP supports transportation and shipment scheduling to determine material availability — that simply does gat; happen, and the SAP GATP will most often go off of lead times. Conclusion GATP is a sophisticated application that is best considered by companies that are already at ao advanced state in their gwtp chain planning.

It is difficult for most companies to make improvements in supply planning without outside advice. This article describes a novel way of using allocations that are created in GATP to model supplier capacity. This is because ATP allows a company to commit on orders with alo. After the green checkbox button is selected, we then are taken to the ATP screen, which in this case shows a very large quantity of stock which can be committed against any potential sales order. GATP has a powerful set of functionality, and if implemented correctly, a company with ATP capability can gain great credibility with its customers.

Rules-based availability checking allows the check to be performed with either substitutes of the same product at different locations or alternate PPMs. You cannot use CTP for backorder processing. Ina true MTO environment, there is no forecast and no purpose for a forecast. This horizon is entered in the ATP tab of the product location master. Rules-based availability checking allows a high degree of configurability for the ATP check. The major areas include the following: Next is when the check is to be performed, that is the Product Check, the Product Allocation that is against an allocation, or during Planning.


You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. I am glad you liked it. July 5, at 2: To find out more about these see this article.

These rules, which control substitution such as product substitution and location substitution, are managed in integrated rule maintenance and are part of the master data of GATP.

This can be thought of as a buffer for GATP that is used to enhance performance. BOP, as referred to by SAP, list sales documents relevant for particular materials allowing for confirmation. This is where gATP plays a major role. Software that tries to do too much can end up not satisfying any of the requirements. After selecting the return key, navigate to the ATP tab Figure 6. Four Characteristics of Check Modes The Check Modes are made up of four characteristics, although in most cases it is really gtap characteristics as rounding profiles are rarely used.

Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview | SAP Blogs

The final characteristic is really more of the name or description of the Check Mode — that is what the Check Mode is used for. So it is not always true that there is no purpose of forecast in MTO. In addition, all other things being gato, a yatp with reliable delivery dates should pick up market share from those competitors that lack this capability and over-promise to these same customers. Want to find out? The first question that often arises in regards to GATP is how it is different from availability checking, which is a functionality that is very familiar to anyone who has worked in SD or sales order processing.