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Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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Warehouse space will be used to the maximum extent of availability to store serviceable and economically reparable unserviceable supplies. CONUS and overseas installations annual and semiannual reports will be prepared by the installation in accordance with information provided in paragraph 4—15 and will be reviewed by the responsible installation for accuracy and completeness prior to submission to LOGSA PSCC.

Results of examinations, tests, and investigations will be reported in accordance with current requirements. Storage density factor The average number of square feet of net storage space necessary to store one short ton of material. Purpose This regulation 7403- policy and procedures to be followed in the formation and management of material storage and supply operations.

Enter the name s of wr service or organization receiving the outgrant as defined in the glossary. When the lack of a 470-3 type storage space at an installation of the requesting DOD component will result in the storage of supplies in a manner ag in the best interest of the Federal Government.

This publication is availa- S u m m a r y.

AR 740-3 Stock Readiness

Enter the TCF in storage areas occupied by erected bin storage aids. Yokohama Activity, Sagami Army Installation. The entry should be in thousands unless otherwise noted in the remarks section.

A container conforming to ISO specifications, and so designed to be transported as a container-on-flat-car COFC ; or secured to a wheeled chassis as a van trailer for motor transport or as a trailer-on-flat-car TOFC ; or transported aboard ships as a container without chassis or in containerships having compartments specifically constructed for stacking containers. In requesting diversion of storage space, show economic evaluation of gains that will result if diversion recommended is approved.

Activities concerned primarily with supply and storage functions, for example, depots, storage activities, holding and reconsignment points, ammunition handling facilities, railroad ground storage yards, regulating stations, regional transportation offices and national inventory control points NICP excluding Army terminal ports where material is under the control of MTMC.


Other Army components or organizational elements with particular or peculiar assignments under this regulation are identified in the appropriate chapter s. Cross-servicing, license, or permit. In addition, justification provided should document and explain the requirement in such terms as—.

The 704-3 of material stored to the nearest whole short ton, converting ounces to pounds and pound to short tons when necessary. Certification of the latter will be requested from AMC.

Addresses complete rounds, item interchangeability, range operations, malfunction investigation and reporting, per AR 75—1 and field storage, supply, transportation and other related logistics activities.

If the proposed acquisition is in accordance with mobilization plans, the approved mobilization plan will be cited.

Enter the total amount of vacant ACF in the bin area. Representative types of equipment requiring controlled humidity storage. Equipment willbe rated based on the condition of the sample. See section II, below. 740–3 will provide warehousing services and storage space to other military departments and agencies and nonmilitary agencies under cross-servicing agreements, licenses, or permits in accordance with AR — To provide cost effective standardized methods for the unitization of ammunition items to minimize and facilitate.

The inventory classification symbol, i. If the sample fails, that is, not serviceable, the lot becomes suspect as to serviceability and each item in the lot will be inspected and rated separately. During inspections, examine for deterioration or damage that may indicate hazardous or potentially hazardous material.

The primary elements of the surveillance program consist of surveillance inspections, and the review and monitoring of safety and logistics a. Maintenance provided during this phase a APS will be organizational, direct, general, and depot level maintenance necessary to qualify earmarked stocks in accordance with established serviceability criteria for inclusion in APS. Within covered storage areas, such items as columns, firewalls, elevator shafts, ramps, stairwells, ramps, steam pits, xr panels, loading wells, and door clearances will be considered as structural loss.


Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Enter the amount of gross storage space, which is outleased, licensed, or permitted, to private or non—DOD, Government Federal, State, County, Local, or Foreign agencies for their operations. Published by Marjory Turner Modified over 3 years ago. The efficient use of space at an installation is the responsibility of the installation commander. Also, include space classified as storage space at the time it was leased, licensed, or permitted, even though it is now not being used for storage purposes.

Chapter 5 Quality Control and Reliability Management. Projects submitted for construction of new storage facilities to qualify for approval must have requirements that.

Is the amount of space in a warehouse or igloo—type structure, used for the at of explosives, ammunition, or loaded ammunition components. Deputy Chief of Staff, G—4. All plans for new construction or renovation of storage facilities that do not include AIT provisions, regardless of type, will be disapproved.


7400-3 includes monitoring ammunition stocks for proper storage and serviceability. If offices, administrative areas and personal service areas must be within the warehouse perimeter, they should be grouped together to take maximum advantage of space economy.

If more 7440-3 one inventory classification column c is involved for a commodity listed, make entry in column e only for the first inventory classification listed. The total number of short tons of mission stocks, including peacetime operating stocks, war reserve and project stocks to be stored. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Washington, DC 26 August Reaction time The number of 740–3 allowed from date of alert for troop units to receive and ready APS for combat use. It includes, but is not limited to, barracks, dry tanks, hangars, transitory shelters, and quonset buildings.