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Appendix B: State Disaster Management and Relief Committee . definition of disaster under National Security Council (MKN) No covers any incident. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20). Tuesday, March 20, Notes No comments. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20) Download here. 20 (Majlis Keselamatan Negara Arahan No. 20) MKN 20 came into force on 11 May following its approval by YAB Prime Minister of.

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To assist Emergency medical Service Hospital with offering first aid and other emergency relief and health care at the evacuation centres. To strengthen the disaster management and controlling, the location of incident will be divided into three 3 zones such as Red Zone, Yellow Zone and Green Zone.

Level II Disaster More serious incident covers a wide area or has exceeding two 2 district and has a potential to spread out. The honorable of Chief Minister and Menteri Besar of each state who is also appointed as the Director of State Operation is also responsible in ensuring the smooth of the control and management of disaster that occurred in arahn state.

Supporting Rescue Agencies such as Civil Defense Department and any special team formed by any agency to assist with search and rescue operation.

Pengisytiharan tersebut telah memberi kuasa kepada Majlis Gerakan Negara MAGERAN yang telah ditubuhkan untuk membantu YAB Perdana Menteri merangkap Pengarah Gerakan Negara bagi mengukuhkan keselamatan awam, pertahanan negara dan memelihara ketenteraman awam, bekalan-bekalan dan perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan penting negara dalam usaha memulihkan negara kepada keadaan aman dan harmoni.

National Security Division is responsible to provide enough allocation to generalize the Disaster Management and Relief Committee and its operation mechanism at the beginning stage. Level I Disaster National Security Division also instrumental to ensure that the Policy and Mechanism of National Disaster Management and Relief is implemented and practiced to run smoothly.

The declaration of disastrous area is issued according to administrative procedures and executives by the Honorable Prime Minister based on suggestion from the Central Disaster Control and Relief Committee.

arahann The release of toxic gas at a public area; and Haze which can cause a critical situation to the environment, threatening public harmony, government administration and economic activities of the state. Decide on the nature of assistance needed from higher level or outside. Other Concerning Officers Secretary: Posted by Wong Jowo at The relevant disaster management and relief committee should hold a meeting at PKOB to check the development and decide on the means of facing disaster, search and rescue operation and emergency relief is managed systematically and effectively.


To coordinate the requirement in Disaster Management and Relief, such as to decide on logistic assistance and requisition of tools and machinery needed aarahan owned by government agencies or private sectors.

Mayor may invoke National Security Council Directive

The District Level Authority is capable of controlling such incident through district level agencies without or with a limited assistance from outside. Agents or representatives from all of agencies involved in the disaster management shall be placed at the PKOB as liaison officer for their agency to speed up and smoothen any activities be taken based on the resolution made by the Disaster Management and Relief Committee.

Bagi memastikan keselamatan negara arahaj dikendalikan secara holistik, setiap negeri di Malaysia mempunyai Majlis Keselamatan Negara peringkat negeri yang diketuai oleh Setiausaha Keselamatan Negeri dan Setiausaha Keselamatan Daerah SKD bagi daerah-daerahnya. However, when patients stop therapy, virus rebounds to high levels in most patients, sometimes associated with severe illness because i have gone through this and even an increased risk of death.

Director of State Broadcasting Department. PDRM also should prepare enough workers at PKOB to manage the communication equipment and to record all information on the commitment of agencies and the progress of search and rescue operation.

To provide ambulance, pre-hospital and transport services. To avoid any confuse during disaster, only certain important items should be released to the public through mass media. Membership and role of every committee is shown in Appendix A, B and C. It is a place min media officers and staffs can perform their duty in connection with the disaster coverage.

To form a data bank on tools, equipment and list of expertise or skill at national level needed in a disaster management. To assure the continuos supply of safe energy at the scene of incident in order to smoothen the search and rescue mn. The role of National Security Division against the management and relief of national disaster in detail is in Appendix D.

It is not complex and could cause only a small damage to life and property. Therefore even when ART completely blocks subsequent rounds of infection of cells, reservoirs that have been infected before therapy initiation persist and from these reservoirs HIV rebounds if therapy is stopped.

Director of State Public Works Department. Reporting the last developments in search and rescue works to the Disaster Srahan and Relief Committee and other concerning parties. The classification on assessment is rely on the raahan level authority or state level authority or central authority which decide on its management or to suggest any other movement of taking over the disaster by another higher authority.


To monitor the implementation of disaster preventive steps and controls taken by mkj relevant agencies. More serious incident covers a wide area arqhan has exceeding two 2 district and has a potential to spread out.

Air crashed occur at a place with building and men.

Sea disasters are dealt and controlled by the Marine Department, Ministry of Transport. BKN should coordinate exercise of management and control involving all related agencies from time to time.

To collect information and study the risk in order to advice the police on evacuation step. The authority to open such a control post is given to the District Police Chief which is also entrusted to appoint a members of Royal Malaysia Police PDRM and members of other agencies through the agents to run the operation at this control post. When declared as a disaster, disaster management, relief and recovery for the relevant victims are controlled by the Central Government.

To get an order, decision and advice from State Operation Director if necessary in the effort of handling the occurring disaster. To offer counselling services, needed at the scene of incident.

Communicable and Non-communicable Disease: Arahan Dasar dan mekanisme Pengurusan bencana alam.

To adahan an educational atahan early preventive programme for the public in avoiding and facing a disaster. The Disaster Management and Relief Committee will be mobilized at the same time pursuance to the stage of disaster management, to coordinate, supervise and to carry out search and rescue activities and other emergency relief. The burst of a hydroelectric power station or a reservoir. Malaysia Permanent Regulation and Mechanism is already existing and being effectively.

Hand over or take over of disaster management based on evaluation of incident. To search and rescue victims in any disaster which need the help of special skill, expertise, tools and equipment.

Dr Itua is an honest man and I appreciate him for his good work.

To provide other telecommunication services needed for the operation by the relevant agencies.