L’ARCHITETTURA DA UN ALTRO PUNTO DI VISTA sia: la vostra casa, il vostro ufficio, la vostra azienda può essere progettata su misura così che voi possiate godere di un’architettura da “indossare”. Studio di Architettura Bioecologica. Title: Manifesto per un’Architettura Bioecologica, Author: ANAB Architettura Naturale, Name: Manifesto per un’Architettura Bioecologica, Length: 5 pages, Page. ; Milan, Italy). ANAB is defined as Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica (Italian: National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture; est.

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In the architetturaa way they should be committed to achieve an harmonious balance between arcyitettura and natural environment from all points of view ecology.

Esegui il login Email: Devi abilitare JavaScript nel tuo browser per utlizzare le funzioni di questo sito. ANAB considers that the relationship between architecture and life should be again the core topic of sustainable architecture and in this contest every solution should be directed to the bioecologicca and most ethic principles and actions.

Tony also includes sections on the physical design and writes about the lifestyle required for living in a roundhouse. Leggi tutte le news. Devi abilitare JavaScript nel tuo browser per utlizzare le funzioni di questo sito.

He offers advice on roofs, floors, walls, compost toilets, wood stoves, kitchens, windows and on planning permission. This true and captivating story covers the realisation of a lifetime s dream as well as being a practical how to manual for anyone who loves the idea of low impact living and wants to self-build an affordable, organic home.

Building A Low Impact Roundhouse has become a classic text. ANAB recommends that all the professionals working architettura buildings or territory changes should consider zero or low energy environmental balances and draw inspiration by natural processes.


For Colombian architect Simon Velez bornbotany has been inextricable from architecture. Velez has so successfully popularized guadua bamboo that arcyitettura even his wealthiest clients are commissioning luxury residences in this material formerly associated with peasant dwellings.

The aim is to go over the sense of architecture in order to give it a new meaning, by taking bioecologjca stand on interdisciplinary researches and studies.

His work has been significantly determined by his country’s tropical resources, in particular its lush vegetation and abundance of guadua bamboo–a common species throughout the valleys of Colombia.

GYPSOTEQUE – Architettura bio-ecologica

For this reason architects and urban planners should be health conscious towards people who use and live in buildings and able to create constructions and inhabited places performing as living organisms biology.

Rachitettura in close collaboration with the engineer-constructor Marcello Villegas, Bbioecologica has devised bamboo buildings that are extraordinary not only in appearance but also in their structural simplicity, and in their suitability for scenarios in which construction tools and resources are minimal.

We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. Since 25 years it has been working on proposals and upgrades of architectural design and city planning and even on the spread of architetura studies concerning sustainable and natural architecture. We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. There are additional photographs of life in and around the bioecoolgica and illustrations from the construction plans for one of the UK’s most unique of homes.

IT 40 W In Building A Low Impact Roundhouse Tony Wrench shares his many years of experience, his skills and techniques, his ups and downs, always in a witty and inspiring manner.


Now in its adchitettura edition, with a fascinating update. It involves about various professionals and operators all biiecologica Italy. The book covers the process of visualising and designing a house through to the practical side of lifting the living roof, infilling the walls, laying out rooms wrchitettura adding renewable, autonomous technology.


He has also successfully persuaded numerous public administrations, town councils and businesses concerned about the environmental impact of their activities to adopt and promote guadua bamboo; he has designed bamboo buildings in Germany, France, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Jamaica, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and India.

Tonys home and lifestyle have attracted the interest of the media and he and his partner continue to inspire many individuals and communities to seek out ways of living more sustainably. Progettare il ciclo di vita dei prodotti. Within those activities ANAB organizes programs, plans and activities independently bioecologiac in collaboration with professional orders, public and local authorities, associations, research, vocational training and adult education bodies, and environmental associations inside and outside Italy.

ANAB Associazione Nazionale Architettura Bioecologica is the first and one of the most relevant Italian associations concerning with sustainable building.

Intervento tematico di Paolo Bartoli. According to ANABsustainable architecture concerns life protection.

In order to evolve building and planning practice in this way ANAB provides the following services:. In this monograph, illustrated throughout by Deidi von Schaewen’s photographs, author Pierre Frey guides architettuar through a range of works by Velez, examining his construction methods–in bamboo, steel and wood–as exemplifying a new kind of vernacular architecture.

ANAB was established in by a group of architectural designers and professionals, who were conscious of the challenge thrown by the environmental delicate situation to the culture system and to the building sector.