L’ARTICLE PARTITIF. Les articles partitfs s’emploient devant les noms désignant des choses qui ne peuvent se compter. Ils désignent une partie plus ou moins. Fill in all the gaps, then press “Check” to check your answers. Use the “Hint” button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. You can also click on the. Explore Angela Drummond’s board “L’article partitif” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Exercices sur les articles partitifs: d’ – de – du. gaia fromcy · French.

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I want some water.

Joe-Bob mange de la viande. The partitive article is used with indivisible or uncountable nouns. Par exemple, les biscuits. Here i need to fill it using partitif article, because Coca-cola is a propername i have to use Il boit de Coca-cola tous les jours?

Have you got glue? Je partltif acheter du pain.

Aussi Je Jouer en peu du golf. In that case, I’d suggest you add these two lessons to your notebook: For the chicken, if you exegcices all the chickenyou could say: The partitive and indefinite articles may be used in negative sentences, however, to emphasize the contrasting positive noun.


Test yourself on French partitive articles with these quizzes: In English the article ‘some’ is often omitted.

l’article partitif! .Théorie et deux exercices | French | Pinterest | Articles, Fle and Education

Is this olive oil? You cannot use “du” because “du” means “de le” and it is singular. Chris, thank you for this.

I ate bread yesterday. I have a car. Remember that partitive wants to mean part of. You would omit the article, but you would mean “I prefer to each chicken with some vegetables. Et il a un peu de force. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Par exemple… Tu as de partiif chance. These are items on the wine list, a countable quantity after the negative In negative sentences, du, de la, des, de l’ change to de: Hi, Can you please explain, is “de” necessary before “sa” in this sentence?

Par exemple, je fais de la peinture. Vous mangez de la viande? I want some tea.

La cuisine française et l’article partitif – Bc. Lucia Karbuníková

Fill in the blank with the correct partitive article: Notify me on new answers. This free website is created with love and a great deal of work. Fxercices or feminine before a vowel: Note that depending on what you want to say, the same noun may be introduced by a definiteindefinite exerfices, or a partitive article.


The partitive article refers to a part of the whole. Would you say the majority of time, we would use “pas de” before a noun? Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

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Of course here you can say both.

Article partitif ou article defini

Il fait du droit. Content que tu aimes mon style! C’est de l’ huile d’olive? Je joue au golf.

Les articles partitifs

Il faut du courage. I drank a lot of coffee. Je mange du riz. I’m not sure why when I post questions, the body doesn’t post but here’s the rest of the question: In French a definite article it is a precise name, and the partitive is a part among what the name means.