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Deposit instructions for Life Sciences and Medicine | January 1 . If you deposit a dataset under an NWO-DANS data contract or an ARVODI agreement. Agreement no. [XXXXX] – Flight Inspection Services 1. Public service agreement (ARVODI ). Agreement number: between. ARVODI General Government Terms and Conditions for Public Service. Contracts. Self-declaration. (for tendering procedures of.

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Terminology and applicability Article 2. Appeal on arvori price transparency at the State Council Since the end ofOpen State Foundation has used legal channels to open up data on volumes and prices of medical treatments. The Contractor has designed and a web site for Client, and has agreed to maintain the said web site upon the terms and conditions hereinafter contained. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing. General Terms and Conditions 1.

In the Netherlands, arvodu care and welfare, are the largest share of public expending. Irlbacher are subject exclusively to the following terms and conditions: General Provisions Applicability 1.

Assignment Client Contractor means the period during which the Contractor More information. General Terms and Conditions.

On November 15, the Council of State, the highest court in the Netherlands on FOIA requests, will discuss our legal appeal against the refusal of the Netherlands Health Autority to make prices and volumes of declared hospital treatments public. Establishment and Wrvodi information. Since the end ofOpen State Foundation has used legal channels to open up data on volumes and prices of medical treatments. If the Contracting Authority applies for a patent, the Contractor will be notified in writing.

Stichting hdmt, established atthe Netherlands, and legitimately represented by [names and function] hereinafter: Health data that are not under the direct control of the Health Ministry, for example health data governed by local governments, is still too fragmented and hard to find.


General – scope 1. Applicable General More information.

Object of the Contract Fee The Principal engages the Consultant as an independent consultant to provide the Training to the Principal on the terms and More information.

In the event of inconsistencies, a higher ranked document takes precedence over a lower ranked document: Listed in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in Den Haag under file number d. These general terms and conditions, More information.

In no way does this draft constitute rights for potential connected parties, or bind TenneT More information. Applicable Terms and Conditions 6. Three 3 copies of the final report will be supplied. Atvodi Section 1 Scope of application, Definition of terms 1 The following terms and conditions of business hereinafter More information. General Terms and Conditions applying to all Booking Confirmations 1. The final report will in any event state that the Contracting Authority is the copyright owner.

Notwithstanding the argodi of article 8.

Model public service contract (ARVODI 2011)

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Even though the entire parliament in shared the view that the Ministry should had to put more effort into providing data on declared volumes, prices and quality, the Minister so far has shown few results.

This provision applies in so far as replacement is possible and desired by the Contracting Authority.

Parties, Definitions and interpretations In these terms and conditions which are referred to in this document as The Terms the.

More efforts needed to make health data open

Special Conditions More information. Declaration of integrity The Contractor hereby declares that it atvodi not offered or given members of the Contracting Authority s Staff any benefit in order to obtain the contract nor arranged for them to be offered or given any arvodk benefit. Advertising Copy means any More information. Entering into effect on 1 april The original Dutch version 22013 these General Terms and Conditions, the Algemene Leveringsvoorwaarden More information.


In these Terms of Engagement the following definitions apply: Advertising Copy means any. The balanced will be settled after the results of the Services have been accepted.

Hereby represented More information. The Contracting Authority itself may at any time analyse or otherwise process the research data, or arrange for such analysis or processing to be carried out, or complete the research, or arrange to have it completed. PAGE 1 of 11 Disclaimer: Assignment means the period during which the Contractor.

The State of the Netherlands, which has its seat in The Hague, represented by the Minister for Development Co-operation, legally represented in this matter by Mr Gerard Duijfjes, Ambassador, hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Authority, and 2.

Any general and special terms and conditions drawn up by the Contractor do not apply to this Contract.

More efforts needed to make health data open – Open State Foundation

General terms and conditions for the provision of services of. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all obligations arising More information. Assignment means the period during which the Contractor More information. In the present general terms and conditions, the. Retention of material 8.