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The Battle of Tar Valon was a major engagement fought in the spring of NE between the White Tower Aes Sedai and the Seanchan. The battle proved to. Encrucijada en el crepúsculo | Asedio a Tar Valon (Crossroads in Twilight | The Tar Valons fånge () The Prisoner of Tar Valon; Fällan () The Trap. Jordan, Robert – La rueda del tiempo 17 – Asedio a Tar Valon-Tapa. Done. Comment. 3 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Taken on November

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Once so armed and having cleared several damane from within the Tower, Egwene began shooting down numerous to’raken.

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Simultaneously, several to’raken landed on the Tower roof and in the square in front of the main entrance. Twenty Aes Sedai sisters and three novices were killed within the Tower.

Other Seanchan losses are unknown, but the Fists of Heaven suffered heavy casualties within the Tower and in the battle before the main entrance. Egwene herself took possession of the White Roda sa’angreal of immense strength. All manner of characters populate the vast world of the series.

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As such, the Tower itself was comparatively lightly-defended. Although dosed with forkroot and unable to channel more than a trickle on her asedil, she organized the novices into a coherent defensive force and taught them how to link and form circles that the Seanchan could not break, rendering them immune to shielding and capture.

Battle of Tar Valon

At least one Bloodknife was also killed and for a period of time, the very existence of the remaining Bloodknives was a Seanchan secret. The decision to implement the operation was taken after the failure of negotiations between Tuon and Rand al’Thor. Nations of the Westlands. With Elaida’s capture, the White Tower recognized that the Seanchan would soon have the ability to Travel, thus significantly increasing the Tower’s vulnerability to a Seanchan invasion.

Sign In Don’t have azedio account? The Seanchan launched their attack at night. After Suroth’s fall from aseido, the Daughter of the Nine MoonsTuon Athaem Kore Paendragwas made aware of the plan as well, and approved it in concept.

However, it is possible some of zsedio captured initiates were killed when their to’raken were shot down while trying to escape.

Laguna began publishing Serbian versions of the books in Three Bloodknives were discovered and killed by Gawyn Trakand in a failed assassination attempt on the Amyrlin Egwene al’Vere. Still, depriving al’Thor of valuable resources was considered a worthwhile goal. This page gives information on the non-English versions of the series. The capture of Elaida and Egwene’s impressive demonstration of her ability to command during the defense galvanized the Tower Aes Sedai to fully recognize and accept Egwene al’Vere as their Amyrlin Seat.


However, the main defense was carried out by the captive Egwene al’Vere on the twenty-second floor of the Tower, where a major breach had been made. Retrieved from ” http: Contents [ show ].

Although the ‘weapon’ was not used again in the following months as their grip on the southwest of the continent hardened, its apparent existence remained a cause for concern.

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As part of the attempt to force the city to surrender, Egwene sealed Northharbor and Southharbor with chains of cuendillarbut she was captured during this exercise.

Travel time was several days. Over thirty to’raken were killed in the attack, along with their riders and any passengers. The books of the series, along with rough translations of the titles of each book are given below. It is requested that this article or section be expanded with additional information.

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