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ASTM B(). Standard Specification for Precipitation Hardening Nickel- Copper-Aluminum Alloy (UNS N) Bar, Rod, Wire. ASTM B Round Bar is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-copper material that combines the excellent corrosion resistance characteristic of Monel with the . Aesteiron leading Monel K ASTM B Rod manufacturers, have wide range of ASTM F, ASTM B, ASTM B Round Bar & ASTM B Rod.

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Turning or Facing C-2 and C-3 grade: A water-base coolant mist may also be effective. During aging, a slight permanent contraction takes place, but little warpage occurs because of the low temperatures and slow cooling rates involved. Oil or water-base coolants will reduce thermal shock damage.

Monel K ASTM B Rod & ASTM F, ASTM B, ASTM B Round Bar & ASTM B Rod-Aesteiron

If you feel that adtm comments have not received a fair hearing you should make your views known to the ASTM Committee on Standards, at the address shown below.

Current edition approved Feb. Our alloys can be cut using any conventional plasma arc cutting system. Use positive axial and radial rake, 45 degree corner angle, 10 degree relief angle.


Therefore, the recommended practice is to machine slightly oversize, age-harden, then finish to size. Table 18 Plasma Arc Cutting Our alloys can be cut using any conventional plasma arc cutting system.

Nitrogen gas can be substituted for hydrogen gases, but the cut quality will deteriorate slightly. Oil or water-base coolant. Offer on Fasteners Sitemap. C-2 or Asrm grade: Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes Manufacturer: Tipped reamers recommended, solid carbide reamers require vary good setup. MONEL K is a age-hardenable Nickel-Copper alloy which combines the corrosion resistance of Alloy with high strength corrosion fatigue and erosion resistance. Alloy K has approximately three times the yield strength and double the tensile strength when compared with alloy Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes Rating: Applicable to material in coil.

High Performance Alloys, Inc. From pure water to non-oxidising mineral acids, salts and alkalis. B For cold-worked rods and bars under 1? Rough-turned or rough-ground Semi-smooth machined Smooth-? General plasma cutting recommendations are presented in Table In the event that more critical quality or more rigid inspection standards than those called out in this speci?

Dry, oil, or water-base coolant. Plus, it can be further strengthened by cold working prior to precipitation hardening.

Welding alloy K is best accomplished by the gas-tungsten-arc welding process. Gun drill can be used.


ASTM B865 – 04(2015)

Precipitation zstm is accomplished by holding the material at a high temperature, followed by furnace cooling and then air cooling. Dry or water-base coolant. C Hardness values are given for information only and are not b685 basis for acceptance or rejection. B For cold-worked, age-hardened, bright? Rejection and Rehearing B Not applicable to subsize tensile specimens less than 0. Detailed machining parameters are presented Tables 16 and ASTM B specification covers UNS N nickel-copper-aluminum alloy rounds, squares, hexagons, rectangles, and forgings and forging stocks manufactured by either hot working or cold working, and cold-worked wire.

Water-base coolant may cause chipping and rapid failure of carbide tools in interrupted cuts. This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard. The specimen shall be aged, or annealed and aged, as required by either applicable Table 5 or Table 6. Number aetm Tests Grind brazed tools as for finish turning and facing except back rake may be best at 0 degrees.