AUMA worm gearboxes meet or exceed the lifetime requirements of EN Lifetime for motor operation in accord- ance with AUMA load profil. Duty class. Consult AUMA’s entire AUMA actuators and valve gearboxes catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Search in AUMA catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the Combinations consisting of multi-turn actuators SA and part-turn gearboxes.

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Start display at page:. The significant advantage of the AUMA design: Torque Actuator Data Sheet Final inspection record After assembly all gearboxes are thoroughly tested according to Cataolgue s inspection specification. Conventional power cataloggue coal, gas, oil: Local status annunciation green and fault annunciation red by LEDs. When integrated into the control circuits, they will protect the motor against damage auka to excessive winding temperature.

Electrical Cataolgue Know-how makes the difference Electrical Actuators With Dansk Ventil Center as your business partner, you are always guaranteed a wide and well sorted product range and a unique technical know-how Product More information. Some valves require other swing angles. These are essential factors for sizing the valve, but also for actuator and gearbox as the load may vary considerably depending on the operation mode.

Serge Gladkoff President, Logrus International. Apart from small sizes. This is a data-driven and therefore very flexible system. Type of Gearbox 8 8 8. For this reason GS gearboxes are available as clockwise closing and counterclockwise closing versions. Sales managers can instantly alter options to meet the budget requirements.


Wall Mountable Actuator Controls. This drastically increases productivity of a sales manager working with an extensive line of products with various options and types. For this purpose, you have to know your markets.


Gearbxo request, AUMA engineers within field service and within our subsidiaries can help you find the correct device for the application.

It operates as an auxiliary controller of electrical motors through a power interface, such as a contactor or PLC.

Many applications require that the valve position is displayed locally.

Sensor for actuator, i. Torque Motor Nominal Voltage Control. Part-turn valves with high torque requirements can be automated by using these combinations. After cooling down to a temperature of approximately C, gearrbox actuator can be switched on once again. For output torques to 15, lb. Continuous control rotary drive without spring return. The Keystone EPI 2 range of products provides an advanced, accurate and flexible series of quarter turn electric actuators from 63 to Nm Features The EPI 2 features a universal power supply to adapt.

Specifically designed for district heating and district. These periods being too short to attain thermal equilibrium during one duty cycle. They are able to compensate for shaft displacement caused by, as an example, inaccuracies in production, heat expansion.

The documents can be downloaded from the AUMA website around the clock; some of them are password protected. AUMA has an extensive product line of equipment. Reduction of time spent on creating, finalizing and processing business proposals for complex cataloghe lines and option lists.

CZ 01 Actalogue n. It drastically, unbelievably saves time when generating or updating a business proposal. The latest detailed information on the GS part-turn gearboxes can be found on the Internet under All documents, including dimensional drawings, and final inspection catzlogue for supplied gearboxes are available on the Internet catakogue digital form. Inching and non-inching in local mode by dip switches Inching and non-inching in remote mode by dip switches Limit switch seating or torque seating by dip switches Different versions of epac and optional features make the actuator controls adaptable to any field situation.


This has been proved in extensive tests.

Case study. Automation of Auma document flow

Page s Actuator Installation. This has to be prevented. Know-how makes the difference Electrical Actuators With Dansk Ventil Center as your business partner, you are always guaranteed a wide and well sorted product range and a unique technical know-how Product.

Subject to change without notice. Gewrbox latest information on Auma products, please visit www.

For sizes SAREx The forces are contained in the end stop and the worm shaft, the housing is not affected. Highly flexible couplings Construction and operation 8. In a world where industrial processes have become increasingly complex, concentration is an asset while catalogus being able to see the bigger picture. The advantage of the Integral starter actuator control is to reduce planning, installation, commissioning time and costs for the end user.

Actuator Catalogue for auma

Negative switching Remote control and local stop Electronic positioner for regulating duty with or without isolator Single phase protection and automatic phase correction Remote annunciatopn relays Thermal overload relay Positioner with PID features Wall mountable controls For detailed literature, refer separate catalogue.

For sizes SAR cataalogue Rotork Actuator Maintenance Manual -? Thereby a high level of safety against damage due to overload is assured. Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art.

After cam actuation, the switches remain actuated till reaching end of valve travel. KS AUMA recommends this corrosion protection class for installation in occasionally or permanently aggressive atmospheres with a moderate pollutant concentration.