Avengers in Lankhmar (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure) [Ray Vallese, Fred Fields] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Slayers of Lankhmar · Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Edition) · Rogues in Lankhmar · Avengers in Lankhmar · Cutthroats of Lankhmar. You are here: A Fritz Leiber Wiki & RPG Guide to Nehwon» Fritz Leiber’s Oeuvre » Fiction» Adaptations» Role-playing Games» Dungeons.

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Sonnets To Jonquil and All. The Square Root of Brain. Collections of Fritz Leiber. People of Nehwon – V. Lie Still, Snow White.

You may never look at the city of Lankhmar the same way again. The Great San Francisco Glacier. Indeed, this tome is a wealth of information for any who earn their livings in Lankhmar by “procuring” others’ wealth – and for those who may cross or fight them. Level Based Earn XP and lankkhmar up.

The Hill and the Hole. Another Cask of Wine. For once, it looked like zvengers easy job, with smooth sailing all the way; avengere just as the heroes were taking a well-deserved rest, danger struck — in the form of some angry Mingol raiders, a two-headed sea serpent and riderand an army of tiny, implacable warriors.


Endfray of the Ofay. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Time in the Round.

Avengers in Lankhmar

They Never Come Back. Leiber’s stories have been gathered together in a variety of compilations over the lannkhmar this Guide is limited to just the title of each story or collection, and does not attempt to fully document seventy years of fiction publication history.

The prince is kidnapped and held for ransom! Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. How About a Change War Campaign? Midnight by the Morphy Watch.

Wednesday, 12th December, The Hatchery of Dreams. This sourcebook goes beyond NPCs and locations to include details on the cults and deities of Nehwon, its monsters and unusual races, even its unique wizards and magic.

The Jewels in the Forest. People of Nehwon avenges N.

Lankhmar Collector’s Guide

The city of Avengdrs especially benefits from this treatment. The Girl with the Hungry Eyes. Srith of the Scrolls. Please select a support frequency.


Fans — even non-gamers — will find these books fascinating. What to do with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser in a Campaign? People of Nehwon – F. Those who accept this quest will travel from one end of Newhon to the other, lankbmar even beyond, into the realm of Shadowland. A Pail of Air.

RPG Guide to Nehwon

The Eyes of Goromosh. This adventure features new weapons, new proficiencies, a detailed map of a portion of the Hlal Forest, and 64 pages of unforgettable mayhem guaranteed to keep player characters on their toes. People of Nehwon – W.