Dievų miškas by Balys Sruoga Altorių šešėly by Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas Balta drobulė by .. “Forest of the Gods” talks about WWII and concentration camps. Forest of the Gods [Balys Sruoga, Ausrine Byla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sruoga – Forest of the Gods book in Hard Cover. Forest of the gods by Balys Sruoga, , Vaga edition, in English.

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Once in the neighboring block a loud uproar began in the early morning hours.

Balys Sruoga

Dec 16, Viktorija rated it it was amazing. There are 6 pure diphthongs and 16 mixed diphthongs in Lithuanian. Oct 02, Skardas rated it it was amazing.

Another, preparing to escape, deliberately makes sure that his number is written in the corpse list. His ‘team’ does not resemble living people, but a moving crowd of ghosts. Satisfied with his work, he glanced at them. If this is where we’ll live, at least they’ll give us a bed Probably best work of lithuanian literature. The story of author’s Nazi concentration camp experience in Lithuania – but written through a bright lens. It sruga not the horror of death that is accentuated, but rather its senselessness, its outrageous, disfigured, befouled image.

Quietly, gritting his teeth as if he felt no pain, not — moaning, — as if he wasn’t trampled at night in the corridor, — as if still had important business in the world! The government agents are angry, they swear, cross out names in their books, send corrections to Berlin, and to the more lively of the corpses, bricks no longer fall on their heads, ribs no longer break, the ones who hang no longer have help How to survive and forget your past.


With Jurgutis, I stood first in line — we were the first to step through the mysterious doors, guarded by two dark men. March to your place! How Sruoga was able to maintain a gently ribbing tone after his experiences, I will never understand and will hope to carry with me as an example.

In the mixed diphthongs, as in the pure diphthongs, either the first or the second element may be stressed. In general, Sruoga ranks among the premier stylists of the Lithuanian language, and his text has a natural, easy poetry about it. Forest of the Gods relates the author’s experience in the Stutthof concentration camp, near Gdansk, where he was imprisoned from until the end of the war.

If I would to recommend one Lithuanian book for the foreigner, it would be this one – The Forest of Gods. It’s hard to rediscover the golden mean, hard to tell the difference between self-preservation and ruthless injury to a friend.

D for a doctoral thesis on Lithuanian folklore.

Forest of the Gods, by Balys Sruoga

Th has forgotten him, — just sit back and wait for a comfortable moment and then vanish from the camp in the guises of the corpse! And not only the image of the man, but even the desecrated, disfigured, befouled image of death is horrible. There’s only eight left! Since this is a book you’ve probably never heard of: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

What was there left for him to do?

He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth. Its style makes you smile through the tears.

Vaga- Concentration camps – pages. No one will give you any help. May 01, Ieva rated it it was amazing. How can this be. Oct 13, Marius rated it it was amazing. In The Forest of Gods Balys Sruoga revealed life in a concentration camp through the eyes of a man whose only way to save druoga life and maintain his dignity was to view everything through a veil of irony and humor, where torturers and their victims are exposed as imperfect human beings, being far removed from the false ideals of their political leaders.


He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth.

Balys Sruoga – Wikipedia

Till the end, he refused sryoga cooperate with the Bolshevik demands to write propaganda for them. Looks here, looks there — there’s no ninth, no matter what!

A poet, a lyricist — and dragging corpses around! In all other cases, except the nominative singular, consonant stem nouns are now inflected like i -stem nouns. But when two hundred people want very much to jump through a small door very quickly — usually the door suffers.

Unlike many other works of this genre, here an attempt is made to conceal fragile human nature under external irony, laughter through tears, a screen for what cannot ghe completely told.

In earlier times, in other countries, they granted a final wish to the one about to hang: Some had better luck — four men would cling to one corpse, a man on each leg and arm — and a corpse would swim away, his ass barely dragging; sometimes climbing a hill and sliding a little, — but then that’s the fate of death — or isn’t it the same for him?

Suddenly, from the depths of the yard, surface two black men.