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Low forward voltage drop. □ Surface mount device. Description. Diodes in the BAT46 series are high voltage, small signal Schottky diodes suited for protection. BAT Document Number Rev. , Mar Vishay Semiconductors 1. 94 Schottky Diodes. Features. • For general purpose. BATTR Vishay Semiconductors Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Volt mA mA IFSM datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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I also show the waveforms for V1 and V2 for the mV case the two funky waveforms running across the middle. Lots of clarity in all settings, but I really liked these in an asymmetric arrangement.

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The distortion can be a bit harsh on these, but the decay is very natural. Anindo Ghosh 46k 7 84 Very balanced sounding for a Ge, bt46 a ton of bassiness. Great decay from breakup back to clean. Would you simulate that for me because I’m too tight to pay circuit lab? Best choice if you need more bass response from a pedal.

Smooth just still balanced. I would pay you in bounty: Leave this field empty. Depending on manufacturer and depending on how true datasheets are, a 1N 40V diode may have between 0.

BAT46 Datasheet Download

I’m open to suggestions on how to ensure that the limit is obeyed with less “tolerance. If I also tested the diodes in a particular circuit, I noted that. Here’s a time domain simulation from the CircuitLab project. Fv does not, however, tell the whole story, and several diodes in the same clipping range sound similar. Looks like you got this all sorted out: In order to amplify the sensed voltage to the mV range if required, a basic op-amp circuit will work fine, no line isolation needed.


Going by the requirement your question implies, an alternate approach might be to dispense with the shunt resistor altogether, and use a coil coupling to sense current non-invasively. Danilo Roascio 3. Controlled; highs are a little attenuated. Please check the data sheets for Fv characteristics.

Unlike the D9E, these will break up when you play hard, and they are much edgier. I am looking at. Continuing on with my power supply repairs. Less warmth than the colorful 1ns. In most circumstances, it will consume less than 1A peak, in another words, its “average” impedance will always be above ohms. The clipping threshold is fairly high for this diode closer to. Some big Schottky diodes can ‘leak’ amperes at dayasheet temperature! I wanted to archive this for later reference.

In many cases the voltage drop is unimportant, as the panel is run in close to constant current mode with excess voltage available in most cases. OA These are something special. Average current is one thing, peak current and power handling capabilities are another. Get from Smallbear … None available from me. Sold out D9E 1.


I preferred the bass response tighter in BAT41s but thought these have a richer midrange. Sold out for the nonce. The project contemplates loads up to 1A peak, but I can’t guarantee this restriction will be obeyed all the time.

Smooth and lots of character. Now I just have to remember where I picked them up! Try to find at least a similar device. I want to use this as a method of providing guitar distortion. Second edit Now I’m offering a little bounty in accordance to my low reputation. Hmm, I have bought some from MKlec and had good results. Crunchy, clear, not too bassy. I need to limit a signal to the following range: Schottky diodes should work in this situation, assuming you are not too fussy about exactly what voltage the clipping happens.

Asymmestric is the best sound for these. Post as a guest Name. These also have an extremely unusual character for a Germanium diode — the clipping threshold is above.

I do have a couple available after all 2.