The cessation of the charismataPatristic and mediaeval marvelsRoman Catholic miraclesIrvingite giftsFaith-healingMind-cure. Counterfeit Miracles has 66 ratings and 6 reviews. Dominic said: This is actually a series of lectures given by B.B. Warfield, a key figure in conservati. The Banner of Truth Trust, , pgs. Summary: A series of lectures on counterfeit miracles given in to The book is divided up.

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Warfield was professor of theology at Princeton Seminary from to I have the highest admiration for Warfield.

Ray Cannata rated it really liked it Apr 05, Warfield refutes this theory by noting that factually this is most certainly false as an examination of the apostolic fathers revealed that miracles far from increasing actually completely ceased with the apostles. Weir rated it really liked it Aug 11, Return b.bwarfield Book Page. Finally he moves on to faith-healings and mind-cures of the Christian scientists.

B. B. Warfield, Counterfeit Miracles

He sets out by first refuting a popular theory at that time that miracles continued after the death of the apostles until the 4th century when it ceased because the Christian faith was not in need of any miracles, the wheels of the missionary work apparently taken over by imperial endorsement. It is quite an interesting read with an attention historical detail and first-person accounts and academic referencing to various experts, theological, historical and medical, which is truly impressive.

I always learn something from Warfield. He moves on to discuss the many miracles in Catholicism, stigmata, Virgin’s milk, relics, etc, paying careful attention to the details of their reports, the witnesses, etc, peppering his examination with dry humour and sly comments. A good critique of Roman Catholic miracles, faith healing, mind curing, and other modern “miracles. Occasional miracles would not validate the unscriptural claims to charismata in the modern church, but would allow for some events to be miraculous rather than merely providential.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Douglas Adu-Boahen rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Jeremy rated it liked it Dec 27, Banji Adenusi rated it really liked it Oct 10, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Tom rated it really liked it Jun 23, This is actually a series of lectures given by B. Apr 10, Hamish Osborne rated it really liked it. Oct 25, Dominic Foo rated it really liked it. Feb 18, Victor Chininin rated it it was ok.


I can’t imagine writing with authority on as many subjects as he did, and here he particularly applies himself to the historical understanding of miracles and the many imitations and claims to miracles that have been made over the years, both within the church and without.

Michael Pagan rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Chris Sicks rated it b.b.warfield was amazing Mar 31, However, once the apostles died, divine revelation ceased with them and so did the need to perform signs and wonders to confirm their apostolic office and divine revelation.

He begins, well, at the beginning, with the New Testament and the apostolic age.

Once the apostolic message was written the the miracles ceased. I took my time with this book, as I found myself rereading many points in this collection of lectures.

Counterfeit miracles

Refresh and try again. One of his most interesting observations is the fact that in only very few cases does a saint actually claim to perform miracles or that reports and witnesses of miracles occurred while a saint was still living.

Take your time to miraces this one. The examples he used, he is right, are not miracles. Books by Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield. Trivia About Counterfeit Miracles. It is at least very commonly supposed that we are bound to examine carefully into the pretensions of any alleged miracle produced in support of any propositions whatever, however intrinsically absurd; and, if these alleged miracles cannot be at once decisively invalidated, we b.b.warfeild bound to accept as true the proposition in support of which they are alleged.

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield usually known as B. He provides quite a detailed account of the movement along with dounterfeit thorough critique, containing lots of original quotes and extensive citation of eye-witness statements, etc.


He also discusses the miraculous events surrounding a group of 19th century charismatics, the Irvingist, ccounterfeit with prophesies, speaking in tongues, healings, etc, but which movement has more or less died when the prophesies have failed to come to pass.

Jose rated it really liked it Oct 30, He sets out by first refuting bb.warfield po This is actually a series of lectures given by B. It is a highly informative and thorough study and examination of the phenomenon of miracles from the time of Christ to his immediate present miarcles whereby he refutes that miracles continues to occur today but has effectively ceased with the closure of the Apostolic age.

Thus, it is not the miracles which is the evidence of orthodoxy but orthodoxy which is the evidence of the miracles. Warfield is a fascinating writer. Aug 09, Logan rated it it was amazing.

The book is divided up into six chapters: But the theological reason Warfield gives for the cessation of miracles was that miracles was a sign to confirm the Apostle’s authority and their revelation.

Feb 23, Jordan Hill rated it really liked it. Drew Cunningham rated it really liked it Dec 21, Overall, although the language is a bit ponderous and careful, but a readable work and not dull at all, especially when in countrfeit course of prodding through these difficult matters, one would be occasionally treated to some snide humour and wit. It is in this section that he examines more closely what does a “miracle” mean whereby he distinguishes what occurs “immediately” without passage of time or use of means, and healings which occur upon prayer and use of God given means of medicine and doctors which he accepts.