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Had it not been the force of mere indignation & power of sheer frustration, I would have not dared to write “Berekete Mergem!” In this poem, I have cursed all. abraham-berekete-mergem. abraham-berekete-mergem. Text; Yigitimgubae. abraham-berekete-mergem. – (A ) A_ _ E * * * * * * A _ . link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. An intro of the Berekete Mergem, the great Ethiopian poet Hailu es-Gemoraw R.I.P (ነብስህን በገነት.

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Most of Hailu’s works are filled with predictive and visionary wisdom, initially giving early warnings to the Ethiopian society at large, indicating what might take place for lack of prompt reaction in due time. To his dismay, Hailu was taken back immediately to the central jail suspected to have included statements in that book attacking certain Ethiopian officials of the time.

Likewise, death is surrounded by lots of creatures, each carrying a momentary life, which will be dispossessed by it at any time. Hence, Hailu attempts to harmonize and depict about the average person struggling to win one’s daily breads either out in the villages or in the tightly settled townships of Ethiopia.

His literary works are treasures, storing the beauties of Amharic – the Ethiopian National language – not only for the present generation alone, but also for generations yet to come.

He is behind the camera that took some fine picture we berekkete as presents from him.

Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

As a mother, she remains to be the center of affection, attraction and adornment. His books of prose are equally attractive, serving the young Ethiopian generation as a source of inspiration.

That is why life goes way and life goes on in a turbulent, boiling, bubbling Ethiopian environ. Ultimately, he had to move to Stockholm where he lives to the present day.

He has spent lots of his lifetime and energy selflessly working for and denouncing the wanton killings and massacres of innocent Ethiopian citizens left out on the cold, without entering into the issue of ethnicity or ethnic politics. Thus, to Hailu, life is surrounded by lots of potential mdrgem for an actual death.


While under police surveillance, Hailu was thrown out of the university, once again, for his radical political and socio-economic outlooks.

Berekete Mergem | የግጥም ጉባዔ

The Chinese Embassy denied him entry visa claiming that he is under persona-non-grata. Just as it like in Ethiopia, upon his departure from China, he had to leave without taking his books and personal belongings he had while in Beijing.

When freed from jail, Hailu turned out to be one of those unique and exceptionally few precious, selfless, far fetching sons of Ethiopia. His works are engaging others in discussions and his philosophical touch on human and natural resource development and logic are simply enlightening our perception beyond the level of mere knowledge.

Hailu still remains on the move trying to secure residence and work permit elsewhere. At this juncture, it is too early to state any thing about the outcome of this attempt.

Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

Unlike many of the intellectuals of his generation, he has not turned his back upon Ethiopia. Those who died include his parents, whose loss touched him most.

Make a Free Website with Yola. He pondered more about life and death as well as life after death. Accordingly, he went to the Technical School and later to the Teachers Training Collage at Addis Ababa where he resumed his teaching career. herekete

Beremete completion of his learning at Menelik High School, Hailu joined the Trinity Collage of Theology at the Addis Ababa University where his search for and query about the mysticism of life, nature and the natural milieu began to gain momentum. Meanwhile, as partial fulfillment of his doctoral thesis he began to write on: Thus, during his initial exposure of his literary work at Addis Ababa University, Hailu wrote a poem that appeared on a famous campus contest entitled SEOL, literally meaning: In mids, when he left the central prison in Addis Ababa, Hailu resumed teaching at the Technical High School and later as a language course instructor at the Addis Ababa Teachers Collage.

Berekete Mergem

Through numerous writings and famous poetic works, this living legend, Novelist, Poet Hailu Gebre Yohannes has already won the minds, taken bereiete souls and stolen the hearts of numerous Ethiopians. Principally, death gives the resurrection of life and life gives the rebirth of death.


As a small boy, Hailu was given church education by his father Merigeta Gebre Yohannes, who had the ambition to see his son, young Hailu, become a priest. Upon completion of the basic studies of the Chinese language, Hailu composed a large Chinese-Amharic dictionary meegem a Chinese-English phrase book.

Apart from this, in his spare time he berkete fresh writings in Amharic and even tried to reproduce some of his hand written old works, which the Ethiopian police authorities in Addis Ababa confiscated when he went to prison. In addition to his own original writings, he has also translated and presented the works of some of the Chinese greatest authors in an appealing and readable style.

While in Oslo, Hailu found out that he could neither publish most of his hand written works nor could he continue his studies on Chinese philosophy. berekdte

This work remains to be popular among students majoring or studying Amharic. Eventually, just instinctively and intuitively, Hailu got seriously immersed into the philosophy of life and death. Meanwhile, he applied for political asylum in Stockholm. But the Swedish government denied him the right for an asylum claiming that there is no more any threatening cause for Hailu if he returns home to Ethiopia.

Some of the unique happenings include the following. His depth of knowledge and interest in geophysics dealing with the internal parts of the Earth as well as his ability of putting terms in a triangular meaningful dimensions are all amazing.

Likewise, at this juncture, this all rounded man of our nation deserves recognition from those of us who are of the same offspring, sharing and breathing the winds of common upbringing in and suffering for mother Ethiopia. Thus he leads an unsettled and a turbulent life of a lonely lion.