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Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: . Bhartrihari’s poetry is aphoristic, and comments on the social mores of the time. The collected work is known as Śatakatraya “the three śatakas or. Bhartrihari []; Barbara Stoler Miller (tr.); Bhartrihari: poems. Columbia University Press (UNESCO representative works), , xxviii + pages [11jul . Bhartrihari: poems (UNESCO collection of representative works) [Bhartrhari] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bhartṛhari (also romanized.

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Having cast away Infatuation with its wonderful power, by means of an amplitude of pure knowledge resplendent with merits developed through my association with you all, I now merge in the Supreme Brahman. After reflecting for a time on this chain of events, the king cursed all women and retired to the forest.

While remaining rooted in the originals, the poems read well, and comprise a better poetry than many other renderings.

And lightlier yet a sage ; But minds by half-way knowledge warped and bent, Not Brahma’s self their fury may assuage. Passions are crocodiles, Conjectures are birds Destroying the tree of resolve. I believed that one woman was devoted to me, but she is now attracted by another man, and another man takes pleasure in her, while a second woman interests herself in me.

Girls with the startled eyes of forest deer, And fluttering hands that drip With sandal-water; bathing-halls with clear Deep pools to float and dip ; The light moon blown across the shadowy hours, Cool winds, and odorous flowers. An edition based on an incomplete manuscript was published by Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Punein six fascicules fascicule 6 in two parts.

Well they may, but why does a supple line of hair Drawn on her belly by kAma’s flower weapon Become an indelible mark of beauty To torment me so excessively?

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Healers are everywhere to cure one of a serpent bite, But there is no spell or remedy for me; I was struck by the glance of a beautiful woman! Bhartrihari Bio Bhartrihari was a writer who lived through the second half of the fifth century.


It seems reasonable to assume that the earliest genuine stanzas pf the nItishataka date from the opening centuries of the christian era. Anxiety carves a deep ravine And makes the whirlpool of delusion Makes it difficult to ford. The God of love! Her face is not the moon, nor are her eyes Twin lotuses, nor are her arms pure gold She’s flesh and bone. He wrote in the sacred Hindu language called Sanskrit and is believed to have produced at least two important pieces of work which became extremely influential.

The same speech sound known in Sanskrit as varna can mean something else according to the context in which the word was used.

Once the whole bhagtrihari has been understood then it will be possible to break down, or analyse, individual components or words in turn, but only in the context in which they were written. Miller unless otherwise bhartrihsri. He ’11 kiss their eyelids too, their cheeks caress Till they are all a-tremble ; He ’11 tease their lips till murmurs soft confess The love they would dissemble.

The second was a large volume of short verses which contained three separate collections of poetry, each Meanwhile, the original text was also undergoing modification. The maid my true heart loves would not my true love be; She seeks another bhartfihari another maid loves he; And me another maid her own true love would see: The translations are by B.

Within itself, pure citta has an inherent tendency to flow in the direction of good, and this can never be totally lost.


opems The poetry constitute short verses, collected into three centuries of about a hundred poems each. In life as transient as a flashing glance, I can choose no single course. Desire alone grows younger every day.

They spend some time with minds Submerged in the fluid elixir of wisdom, The rest belongs to tender mistresses Whose breasts and hips embody pleasure’s bhartrihaari, Mistresses aroused to lust by caresses Concealed in their laps of ample flesh. What lies the poets told! Kosambi has identified a kernel of two hundred that are common to all the versions.

bhartrihafi And from her shoulders threw the wimpled veil To court the little gale. Later Mimamsakas like Kumarila Bhatta c. Some Extant Versions of Bhartrhari’s Satakas. Views Read Edit View history.



The yellow moonbeams fall, I saw them mirrored from her bosom fly Back to the moon on high. In this vapid, mundane world, wise men take two courses: A number of other versions by Telang, Kale loems others looked at the different versions of the Bhartrihari corpus.

A diamond you may draw From an alligator’s jaw; You may cross the raging ocean like a pool; A cobra you may wear Like a blossom in your hair; But you never can convince a stubborn fool. Sanskrit literature Sanskrit grammarians Sanskrit poets Indian male poets Ancient Sanskrit grammarians 5th-century Indian poets Indian Sanskrit scholars. Excerpts opening page For an instant he is a child, For an instant a youth delighting in passion, For an instant he is a pauper, For an instant fat in prosperity, Then, like an actor, With withered limbs of old age His body covered with wrinkles, A man at the end of his worldly existence Falls at the curtain to death.

Unless the child knew the sentence meaning bhartrihark prioriit would be difficult for him to infer the meaning of novel words. Bhartrihari was a keen observer of life going on around him and he used these observations to write his poetry in an aphoristic way. And cracked the old man’s brittle crown With loud explosion – which was worse. Is anything spared the threat of eclipse? And there, by a large falling fruit His head was split open with a crack.

The second was poeems large volume of short verses which contained three separate collections of poetry, each part demonstrating a different aesthetic mood, known as a rasa.

It has been suggested that Bhartrhari’s paradox be merged into this article. Mark how this despicable form Is flourished by the poets, sloka 16 O Earth, my mother! This distinction may be thought to be similar to that of the present notion of phoneme.