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We can offer shaft couplings in a range of variants. As with locking assemblies, the two shaft ends are joined in the form of a frictional connection. All of our shaft . China Bikon Dobikon Locking Device (BIKON , BIKON , BIKON , BIKON A, BIKON , BIKON B, BIKON , BIKON , BIKON. Manufacturer Bikon. Marke Bikon. Erhalten Sie eine vollständige Rückerstattung (Ware Transport). Condition New. We clean the item and make sure everything.

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We also accept Bank Wire Transfer. What is the warranty for the product? High quality always comes the first. Shaft Hub Locking Assembly, Shaft Locking Device, The item is new, unused but not in manufacturers packaging.

Narrow Hub Connection for Sprockets, bikkon External Locking Assembly, Details on request – we shall be pleased to assist you in your choice of product and your requests for new designs. Their compact design and easy handling accelerate and simplify assembly. Request a custom order and have something just for you! The item has been lightly used or was a demo. You have seen all photos. Due to the relatively low screw tightening torques — as compared to other locking assemblies with large shaft diameters — hydraulic screwdrivers are usually not required.


The spacer ring between the outer flange and the hub maintains the fitting position in the axial direction to enable exact positioning without a shaft collar. Conical Clamping Rings Form D. The extremely small outer diameter is space-saving and suitable vikon small wheel diameters. Nickel Plated Locking Assembly, Orders placed in weekends or during public holidays are shipped the next business day.

Shaft Hub Locking Device, Like many of the locking assemblies we develop, BIKON cannot be reproduced from the specifications listed in our catalogues or scetches. We have never granted licenses to third parties. The wide range of flange couplings is often restricted by the mating dimensions.

Ringblock Locking Assemblies, Shrink discs are joined on the outer diameters of hubs external locking system. Send This is not what you are looking for?

We clean the item and make sure everything is included as specified on the box.

BIKON Bikon | USA Sales

Due to maXo deals’ unique purchasing strategy we can offer all our products for an all-time low price. The item is new, unused and still packed in bion manufacturer packaging.

Gear Wheel Connection, As a developer, we offer not only our standard products but also customized solutions too. We offer a wide range of technical products.


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Once receive your question, the supplier will answer you as soon as possible. Shaft Clamping 106, Find Similar Products By Category. We are committed to innovation and quality. Autoteile, Automatisierung, Getriebe und vieles mehr. Keyless Shaft Hub Locking Device, The item has been lightly used or was a demo and still has its original factory packing.

BIKON – reliable frictional connections worldwide

Due to our large inventory it is not possible to make a separate picture of every item. We make sure the item is cleaned and repacked with care.

Our products are available for shaft diameters ranging from 6 mm to over mm. Clamping Power Lock, We clean the item and make sure everything is included as specified on the picture. It is preferably used in belt conveyor drums, bilon can also be used in other applications of all engineering areas at equal value.

Self-centering and self-locking in the clamping state. Rigid Shaft Coupling,