What’s a little lamb to do about a fierce coyote that wants to eat her? Why, trick him, of course and and trick him again and trick him one more. Borreguita and the Coyote has ratings and 77 reviews. Manybooks said: Petra Mather’s illustrations are bright, and actually rather sweet, if not cute. A hungry coyote wants Borreguita (little lamb) for a meal. Can Borreguita outwit the coyote and escape a cruel end?.

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Petra Mather’s bright illustrations, with their sly little details – the coyote salivates, the lamb bounces happily off after convincing the coyote to “hold up” the mountain – will charm and entertain. Just a moment while we sign you znd to your Goodreads account. There’s a cute part where it shows one reason why coyotes may howl at the moon.

Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardema | : Books

I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since smaller children might not understand the Spanish language in this book. Feb 06, Nancy rated it really liked it Shelves: It is the story of a little lamb borreguita is little lamb in Spanish that tricks a coyote so that it does not eat her.

Oct 13, Ryan Hercik added it. But, of course, these tales weren’t meant as natural history lessons and I think the “message” of keeping ones wits in the face of fear is a good one. Greed can be fooled easily. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

In many of the former, Coyote is a trickster, and usually cleverly victorious, so it is somewhat ironic and amusing to read a Mexican folktale variation where Coyote the trickster is outsmarted. An excellent readaloud for a wide range of ages.

I liked this book because the little lamb always out smarted the coyote. I think the overall message of being smarter and wittier with make you better off is a good lesson for children to understand at a young again.

Jun 06, Janelle rated it it was ok Recommended to Janelle by: In she published her first book, the collection of stories, Tales from the Story Hat. In their third encounter, the lamb pretends to hold up a rocky ledge and offers to run for help if the coyote will take her place. This story is playful and reminded me of the relationship between Tom and Jerry.


Borreguita and the Coyote by Verna Aardema | Scholastic

I agree with both reviews as to this tale being great for young children, they will enjoy the chatty back and forth dialogue borreghita the lamb and coyote. Hunting and stalking a lamb or another type of domestic animal is therefore not evil, it is part of the nature of these animals. I admit I was nervous though, about whether the little lamb’s trickery would do her in.

It’s a story of the tactics one sometimes must try in order to survive. The Borreguita invites the coyote to come back and eat her after she herself has eaten all the clover in the meadow, stating that cyoote will then be fat and will better te up the coyote.

While I generally rather enjoyed Borreguita and the CoyoteVerna Aardema’s translated tale of Borreguita using her wits to borreguitz her coyote stalker, I would not ever consider this type of story a personal favourite. Return to Book Page. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Petra Mathers also makes the coyote look both menacing and goofy at the same time as the coyote has yellow and slanted eyes and is colored in a dark grey color which makes him look a little intimidating, however whenever the coyote is tricked by Borreguita, he shows a shocked expression on his face which will make children laugh so hard.

The lamb is very clever and the coyote is very gullible. Both reviews give a brief summary to the tale of the Borreguita and the Coyote. He will never bother Borreguita again, but he does not have to pay for hunting and stalking the lamb with his life. Borreguita means little lamb in Spanish.

I would recommend this book to children because they would enjoy the humor. She went on to write over thirty more books, most of them folkloric retellings. The sneakiness of the sheep is what makes the story enjoyable for children to read. Has a few Spanish words. From the beginning, the reader can assume Borreguita will get the better of Coyote, we just never know how.

When the Coyote wants to eat Borreguita, she is left with no choice but the trick the Coyote.

Lists with This Book. In many of the former, Coyote is a trickster, and usually cleverly victorious, so it is som Petra Mather’s illustrations boereguita bright, and actually rather sweet, if not cute, and I do much appreciate the idea that a little lamb is able to cunningly outsmart a cunning and abd coyote the coyote reminds me a bit of the big bad wolf, so common in European folktales and culture.


But, I do really enjoy books that show the underdog sheep outsmarting the big bad villain in this case, the coyote with intelligence.

My interest in animals makes me hope that children who hear this story will eventually learn the value of predators in a balanced environment: Broreguita the end, the lamb wins and the coyote leaves her alone.

Verna Aardema has also done a great job at providing helpful definitions at the beginning coytoe the book which will greatly help many small children understand the Spanish language being used in this book and also help many children understand the borreguitta of Mexico. I love the colorful artwork as well as the mixing of the Spanish and English languages throughout the story. Young readers will appreciate the humorous role reversal here, in which the coyote – often a trickster figure himself in folklore – is fooled time and again by the seemingly innocent Borreguita.

For me, borreguits kind of felt along the lines of the three little pigs. Aardema and Mathers are felicitously paired in a tale of trickery rewarded. First, she tells him that he should eat cheese instead of eating her and she leads him to the pond to eat the cheese which is the sun reflecting on the water.

The story depicts creative ways that keeps the reader amused.


Angry, Coyote came to her again threatening to eat her, but Borreguita tricked boreguita into staying on the mountain until she could get far away from him. Mathers’ bright illustrations are highlights, with details borerguita as the frequently drooling coyote and beautiful scenery.

Aardema shares a tale from Ayutla, Mexico. Finally, they met and the coyote thought this was his chance to have a snack but the lamb smacked him head on so hard that the coyote never bothered the lame again. The first and last cover pages have hispanic burial customs and references to the Day of the Dead.

Since we border Mexico our country is becoming more adapted to their language and some traditions.