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This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read it in its original Polish version here. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio bling, due partly to their highly. Used Burmester CD players for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The vibration-absorbing feet with carbon fiber damping for optimal mechanical decoupling are another link to the Reference Line. Tonal nuance and contrast is beautifully realised and this helps no end if you are excited by the pure performance of the musicians. A balanced XLR analogue input makes the more versatile in a system context, particularly if the player is configured as a preamp too.

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What I love about them, apart from her sublime phrasing and vocal control is the impeccable quality of the playing. I can see this system forming from any one of the components in the system. Wojciech Pacula CD player: It creates a sense of musical structure and refinement that you will struggle to find from any digital player, regardless of price. Representation in the UK has been problematic over recent years, as distributors have inevitably found it difficult to promote the entire Burmester range in a price-driven market and have understandably wanted to cherry-pick those components that they consider the most competitive.

There are certainly slight gains in outright transparency and resolution when used directly into our Gamut power amplifier, but also losses in terms of drive and authority. It will ask a great deal of the installation if the music is to stay perched on the point of intensity.

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Rear panel output connections are both single-ended and balanced and internally the is designed with balanced circuit technology. Over recent years an increasing number of manufacturers at all price levels have taken to include digital inputs onto their new CD players. It weighs in at a hefty 13kg, which is more than most integrated amplifiers.

As expected, USB improves on Bluetooth, taking the already pleasing sound to a higher plane — everything just sounds more precise and under control. Burmester even fabricates parts that no-one else can get to service its long-legacy customers.

This is no with a dash of contemporary electronics grafted on. While Burmester makes its own rack, at this level, you should be considering Stillpoints or similar. There is no signal-based USB port. The design aim is that decoupling the laser from the drive motor reduces jitter.

On account of its two digital ports and its optional volume control, the can also be used as a pre-amplifier. The company explains that their step volume control operates in the analog domain which we will verify later.

But the music still burmestee dense and incredibly textural. Considering the price, perhaps the one notable omission is the lack of processing for SACDs. There is also an upgrade slot in the back to expand capabilities in the future.

In fact they share virtually no components at all despite looking virtually identical.

Burmester – Belt-Drive CD Player » Audio Lounge

The amp is monitored for overdrive, overheat and DC offset. We were unable to send your message.

Against Price puts it beyond reach of most. It became apparent after only a few minutes listening, even with an ice-cold machine that this was going to be a hugely enjoyable experience and over the next few months I realised that musically the bordered on the extraordinary.


We used the both with and without an external preamp. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio burmesyer, due partly to their highly polished chrome fascias no doubt.

Burmester CD 089 CD Player (Hi-Fi+)

The whole transport is also isolated from external interference by sitting in its own low-resonance chamber. So, in the absence of preamp, the goes straight into the stereo power amp, via balanced cables. Now this is a controversial choice — picking a power conditioner before a preamp in the hierarchy of things.

This player can also be configured as a preamplifier as it has a switchable increment analog volume control. Single-box CD player Transport: The loudspeakers, on the other hand, are the last link in the chain for the Burmester user, not a starting place. Phillips with belt drive Sampling rates: Traditionally this kind of drive is associated with the Japanese C.

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I would happily buy one direct from Germany myself and for a purchase this important might even be tempted to nip over for 098 day for an audition. This is why their top models even decouple the optical sleigh with a belt, not merely the platter. The player is certainly a joy to use with an excellent display, adjustable through 4 brightness levels plus an off function and a very large but clear remote control that has been thankfully lightened from the potentially lethal device that came with the This Burmester is as much a system hub as it is a CD player, particularly when you consider it has balanced analogue inputs and variable output too.