Episode – Robert Heinlein’s “By His Bootstraps”. June 11, By Fred. By His Bootstraps by Robert Heinlein WOW. This week I have the great pleasure of. Robert A. Heinlein. “My name? Uh.., just call me Joe.” Wilson set down his glass. “O. K., Joe Whatever- your-name-is, trot out that explanation and make it 1. Heinlein Society – Scholastic/Academic articles. Robert A. Heinlein short story “By His Bootstraps” The Menace from Earth by Robert A. Heinlein.

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By His Bootstraps

When he pulled himself together he was halfway down the passageway leading away from the hall. I really like this article. Guess who arrives unconscious after having been bootetraps through the gate and guess who he now knows that he himself is?

Nor does he feel any reservations about trying to cut the person whom he knows as Diktor out of the process and keep things for himself. One philosophical problem associated with this kind of story bootstraos obvious.

The description says the story “plays with some of the inherent paradoxes” of time travel; and “play” with them is about all it does: That is to say: Everything you ever wanted to know about time travel.

Boootstraps is notable about Heinlein’s essay is that he touches on the aspect that makes most people shy away from this doctrine: He realized that he had been screaming.

Having gotten all of the items on the list, he makes a phone call to his own apartment to check that all is going as he remembered it.

This is copyrighted material and may not be copied or reproduced in any form, including on other websites, without permission of the copyright holder. Comments This story was produced in The New York Times.


Oh, sweet delicious time travelly goodness. The audio production develops the story along its own lines, and is self-consistent with its own aims and the themes and essential plot in the minutest detail. Bootatraps Menace from Earth by Robert A. Engineer Richard Fairbanks and I finished it in Chicago. Oct 06, Juan rated it really liked it.

Well, I figured, what the hell? Sep 15, Pratyush Raj rated it it was amazing.

Bob Wilson, a Ph. How to confuse someone with the elemental time travel story? Jun 13, Onemore Fakefbpage added it. To see what hs friends thought of this book, please sign up. Er, ah, no one, uh — and what about Robert A. The thoughts of my future self could have devised a way to prompt me into reading this book because it is imperative for the causation of some thought process that I haven’t yet actualized.

These people argue that if whatever is to happen will happen, then individuals are not responsible for their actions Bob argues with him and decides to get off of the merry-go-round by going back through the gate to his own time. I was captivated by the dialogues of the characters, and how naturally they came together. Heinoein fight happens as before, and Bob goes through the Gate.

Bob Wilson locks himself in his room to finish his graduate thesis on a mathematical aspect of metaphysicsusing the concept of time travel as a case in point. During the ensuing fight, Bob gets punched, sending him through the Gate.

Episode 177 – Robert Heinlein’s “By His Bootstraps”

Like always, such excess by the author is easy to ignore. In other words, All of the events take place on time loops, but there is no change in what happens each time through the loop. It was moving toward the Gate. Once, he does catch a glimpse of one and has a brief mental contact with it. Bob, confused by all of this bby drinking and before long is quite drunk. I found it most interesting to see how he slowly realizes himself that he has become the leader who helped his younger self become successful- for example, when he is the elderly Diktor and he names a girl Arma after the girl he had a crush on when he was young and he first met the Diktor- not realizing that they are technically the same person.

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Thus he hopes to preempt Diktor’s influence, charting his own course instead. Ramirez rated it really liked it Shelves: Heinlein that plays with some of the inherent paradoxes that would be caused by time travel. We again have to thank the esteemed Yuri Rasovskywho produced these works for the Beyond series which aired on NPR.

Andy’s Anachronisms — By His Bootstraps by Robert A. Heinlein ()

This story is awesome. He was the first SF writer to break into mainstre Boorstraps Anson Heinlein was an American novelist and science fiction writer. Thanks bootsttraps telling us about the problem. It feels very unlike a Heinlein story and at the same time I have a hard time imagining anyone else writing it. He has no qualms about bouncing checks which he knows will never be covered.

Aug 08, Lyn rated it liked it.