The Byzantine army evolved from that of the late Roman Empire. The language of the army was still Latin but it became. A cataphract was a form of armored heavy cavalry used in ancient warfare by a number of .. The Byzantine army maintained units of heavily armored cavalrymen up until its final years, mostly in the form of Western European Latinikon. The Byzantine cavalry were ideally suited to combat on the plains of Anatolia and northern Syria, which, from the seventh century.

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During these cavslryman the infantry was deployed in the center, that consisted of two chiliarchiai in wedge formation to break enemy’s line, flanked by two more chilarchiai in a “refused wing formation” nyzantine protect the center and envelop the enemy. Author Timothy Dawson goes into great detail about Byzantine cavalrymen fro their recruitment to their training, equipment and campaigning The fall of the Byzantine capital meant the end of the Roman empire. Byzantine infantry were lightly armored compared to their earlier Roman predecessors, their strength coming from their exceptional organization and discipline, not being clad in iron.

These can be fired a great distance with the bows and cause harm to the enemy. Koit marked it as to-read Sep 01, War faction articles using ambiguous parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles to be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles with unsourced statements from August CS1 German-language sources de CS1 French-language sources fr Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Use dmy dates from January The solenarion is a hollow tube through which an archer could launch several small arrows muesi.

Secular Sacred Cross-in-square Domes. Accounts of later period Middle Eastern cavalrymen wielding them told of occasions when it was capable of bursting through two layers of chain mail.

Ninja AD Stephen Turnbull. He has lectured for many years on Byzantine, Greek and Roman armies. Following revolts strengthened by the large size of these divisions, Leo III the IsaurianTheophilusand Leo VI the Wise all responded by breaking the themes up into smaller areas and dividing control over the armies within each theme into various tourmai.

Byzantine Military: Roman and Byzantine Cavalry

Owen rated it really liked it Aug 23, Due to the empire’s long experience, they were wary of relying too much upon foreign auxiliaries or mercenaries with the notable exception of the Varangian Guard. The evolution of the heavily armored horseman was not isolated to one focal point during a specific era such as the Iranian plateaubut rather developed simultaneously in different parts of Central Asia especially among the peoples inhabiting the Silk Road as well as within Greater Iran.


Against the 80, Ottoman troops besieging the city, the odds were hopeless. Matthew Bridgett rated it really liked it Sep 20, The tremendous fighting abilities of these axe-wielding, barbarian Northerners and their intense loyalty bought with much gold established them as an elite body, which soon rose to become the Emperors’ personal bodyguard. The considerable wealth and diplomatic skill of the Komnenian emperors, their constant attention to military matters, and their frequent energetic campaigning, had largely countered this change.

After all, cataphracts and knights fulfilled a roughly similar role on the medieval battlefield, and the armored knight survived well into the early modern era of Europe. It should also be noted that additionally, these farmer-soldiers held their grants of land, which theoretically were valued over 4 pounds of gold. Although formidable under an energetic leader, the Komnenian army did not work so well under incompetent or uninterested emperors.

Maurice, who reigned from tocertainly had extensive military experience. These early riding traditions, which were strongly tied to the ruling caste of nobility as only those of noble birth or caste could become cavalry warriorsnow spread throughout acvalryman Eurasian steppes and Iranian plateau from around BCE and onwards due to contact with the Vyzantine Empire ‘s vast expanse across Central Asia, which was the native homeland of the early, north-eastern Iranian ethnic groups such as the MassagetaeScythians, Sakasand Dahae.

Great book, with good art, photos, glossary and timeline. Meanwhile, the Numeri on the left and right rear would be drawn up in their standard formation facing the flanks and ready to attack the pursuing enemy as they crossed their lines.

Byzantjne with the infantry, the Cataphracts adapted their tactics and equipment in relation to which enemy they were fighting.

Refresh and try again. Foreign troops during the late Roman period were known as the foederati “allies” in Latin, and during the Byzantine period were known as the Phoideratoi Gr. The banda plural of bandon was also used as the byzantjne for determining bigger divisions, like moirai and turmai.

Byzantine Cavalryman C.900-1204

The infantry would attempt to open a gap in the enemy formation for the cavalry to charge through. Its ranks were filled bzantine through direct recruitment or hereditary service by holders of military lands, but in times of crisis irregulars would be temporarily enlisted. In the east the Turks invaded the empire, gradually eroding Byzantine control in Asia Minor.


After the death of Michael VIII Palaiologos inunreliable mercenaries such as the grand Catalan Company came to form an ever larger proportion of the remaining forces. Illustration by Christos Giannopoulos. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. When the Byzantines had to make a frontal assault against a strong infantry position, the wedge was their preferred formation for charges.

However, the core member of the Themata pertained to the regular provincial troop, who usually belonged to the farmer-soldier background.

Byzantine battle tactics – Wikipedia

There was an expansion of the importance of the cavalrythough the infantry still remained the major component of the Roman armies, in contrast to common belief. The expeditionary force of Belisarius during his reconquest of Carthage from the Vandals in is illustrative. Within each theme, eligible men were given grants of land to support their families and to equip themselves. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The author lives in Leeds, UK.

Now employing mercenaries was a trademark of Byzantine military stratagem even in the earlier centuries as we discussed in the last entry. Persian cataphracts were a contiguous division known as the Savaran Persian: The latter is envisaged as an online compendium that mirrors his enthusiasm for ancient history, military, mythology, and historical evolution of architecture.

They are to wear Gothic tunics “coming down to their knees or short ones split up the sides and Gothic shoes with thick soles, broad toes and plain stitching, fastened with no more than two clasps the soles studded with a few nails for greater durability.

At the command “aperire spatia”, the infantry would open a gap in their lines for the cavalry to charge through. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The front ranks of the numeri would draw bows and fire on the enemy’s front ranks, then once the foe had been sufficiently weakened would draw their lances and charge. The Byzantines resisted the third attack by the Sultan’s elite Janissaries and according to some accounts on both sides were on the brink of repelling them, but a Genoan general in charge of a section of the defense, Giovanni Giustinianiwas grievously wounded during the attack, and his evacuation from the ramparts caused a panic in the ranks of the defenders.

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The small force of less than 16, men voyaged from the Bospherus to North Africa on ships protected by 92 dromons, or war-ships. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.