Calderas Industriales Pirotubulares para todo tipo de uso industrial a nivel nacional que le permitirá administrar eficientemente su sistema de vapor GEMLSA. Empresa especializada en el suministro de equipos basados en vapor, con tecnología de punta y cobertura nacional. + 30 años de experiencia certificada. Generadores de Vapor Prevención en Calderas Jose Luis Ferreira 1 Se debe acotar que en calderas de tipo acuotubular, el descenso del.

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Emphyrio New Member Mauritius French. I “dangerously assumed” that it was the one from the first evaporation Completely water-cooled re reversal chamber with no refractory material contributing in the heat exchange. Could someone give me a hand? Do you already have an account? Steam is produced in water-tube boilers, which are filled with water resulting from condensation of steam resulting from the [first evaporation???

I guess caldsras “evaporacion”, as you rightly pointed out, refers to condensate form another process Steam boilers are three-pass fire-tube steam boilers of gases and with a double combustion furnace. Condensate water tank and thermal degasser rescuer O2. Dictionary and thread title search: Hello, I am trying to translate the following sentence but am a bit lost.

Caldera acuotubular/acuotubulares

Conventional firetube steam boiler SMS. Conventional firetube steam boiler UMS. Thank you “un milion de veces”! Log in or Sign up. Properly sized steam chamber and vaporization plane to avoid the supply of humid steam.

Caldera acuotubular/acuotubulares | WordReference Forums

Minimum maintenance work once installed. FedericusOct 10, Yes, my password is: Calderas de vapor pirotubular. It incorporates an electrical panel equipped with a PLC, providing basic information about the real state of the steam boiler functions. EmphyrioAug 29, Pressure equipment and accessories associated with steam acuotubupares.


For maximum performance, in the evolution of the design of firetube boilers, gas flues have been added, leading to the development of two, three and even four-flue boilers.

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Bienvenidos a Calderas de vapor Clayton – Clayton

Cslderas no translator, no engineer, and no remolacha lover anymore Thanks for the ” water-tube boiler “, that most helpful!

These boilers are installed horizontally, with three flues, internal hearth and rear refrigerated hearth chamber. Your name or email address: Hi Emphyriogood to see you again I suppose you meant ” into English “, right? The steam generators can be equipped with caldreas burners for combustion of natural gas, propane burners, fuel oil, diesel or combination in between, as well as special equipment for acuotybulares poor solvents and gases.

Do you, by the way, know what CV means not Curriculum V? Many thanks for your repeated help Of these, the three-flue version is the one that has spread most worldwide due to both the high performance achieved and to its great versatility, the key to its application in almost all processes where high reliability together with high energy efficiency is required.

Federicus Member “Argentinean Spanish – English”. My suggestion is as follows: As for the text, that’s what it is Just type dde press ‘enter’. How would you translate “calderas acuotubulares” into Spanish? I shall change that to “one of the evaporation calddras. Share This Page Tweet. God himself might not know Does my translation makes any sense to the engineers around? Burning equipments The steam generators can be equipped with suitable burners for combustion of natural gas, propane burners, fuel oil, diesel or combination in between, as well as special equipment for burning poor solvents and gases.


Optimal dimensional layout of the fume steps achieving balanced fume flow speeds and therefore high efficiency. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Application of strict quality controls at all stages of project development in accordance with the implemented Quality System Management ISO No, create an account now. The Steam generator s are equipped of origin with all regulatory safety elements required by current regulations.

Over time, thanks to the technical mastery of cylindrical shapes, improvements have been made to all the possible combinations between heating surfaces and gas and water circulation in order to take the greatest advantage of the heat from fuels.

After the start-up of the steam generator pollutant particles emissions are checked extending the corresponding protocol and verifying compliance with the guidelines with respect to environment. Securities and automation The Steam generation is widespread and primarily in the industrial sector.