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Results 1 – 17 of 17 CANNE MOUCHE bamboo Fly rod bambou refendu fishing cane canna . unused bruce walker cane effect hexagraph salmon fly fishing rod. About the object: Fishing: ROD: Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Salmon Deluxe 16’6″ 3 piece fly rod, split cane finish, burgundy close whipped, ferrule stoppers, line. Immaculate Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Walker 15′ Salmon Rod . Canne à mouche saumon LOOP OPTI ZPEY 14′ 9/10 two hands salmon rod.

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There are 3 piece, each is 35,5″. The top section ‘ferrule’. The broad flat surface spline creates more power than any 6 sided blank ever could.

Number of Pieces see all. Nice rod, but a bit feeble in the middle. I expect to be hanging onto the rod for grim death, so I don’t want to find it a bit loose at any point.

I pondered and then simply took the VSSK Very Sharp Small Knifepushed the point through the plastic seat in the bottom on the guide groove and slit it open like a rabbit one day too long hung in the garage.

The stupidly shiny Hardlon butt-ring.

Finally I added a very small ‘snake’ ring about 4″ up from the bottom of the butt-section, to use as a ‘keeper’ ring. They are highly labour intensive, just like the old split cane rods of yesteryear. The smallest ring was a size ‘8’ and the top four rings were single-legged to keep the weight down at that end. You’ll get the most out of it that way. I took it to very nearly a half circle.

Let it set, obviously. On the upside, the reel seat needed a touch of hot melt at the thick end and some squidged into the holes at the other and it’ll never move. That really is the end for my ‘good conduct medal’.


Then put the hot-melt gun nozzle over the big hole and stick a good measure of glue in the hole.

Realized prices –

Specification for cqnne and 1. I shall change the snake rings as well. With a complete strip-down to change the rings, it made sense to put a screw-lock real seat on the rod hexsgraph I put on the thinnest that would accommodate a Cardinal 66x16mm, All done, I thought to myself I have a stunning cane fly fishing rod for sale, there is no makers mark on it that I can see.

The ‘snake’ rings were removed from the top two sections along with all and any other whippings.

Canne da pesca

This argument is based on the hezagraph that the hollow carbon tube, deforming under pressure, leads to a non-linear and reducing restoring force as a function of deflection.

There is a little bit of thread missing at the bottom of the first section only, as seen in photo.

Even so I had to tear off most of the tube before it finally came free. The seller more-or-less stuck out his tongue and went ‘neener neener’. Good enough, the rod was in great condition otherwise, a few paint chips but sound and solid.

A pal asked me to contrast my Hexagraph Avon with the four-piece Harrisons’ Avon. This evening I stripped the tacky whippings off and scraped back the epoxy and will do it again, with ‘something else’. One of the ‘minima’ double legged rings. If you like it let me know You’ll have to type the email address yourselfif you don’t, I’ll try not to lie awake at night worrying about it.

In the end, despite my initial enthusiasm, I parted with both of them. But would it take the strain? These actions were lost as rod-building evolved into hsxagraph of predominantly hollow tubular hexaraph. Modified Item see all. I stripped the snake eyes.


Cold day at Turfcroft The reel bands are some new ‘old stock’ I paid rather lot caanne reel bands but they look wonderful and hexagrapn the long paralell section, lock solid with little in the way of pushing over the reel seat.

Hexagraphs are offered in a complete range of lengths, actions, and line weights from our delicate little 5’9″ Small Stream Special up through the 9’6″ power rods of the Salmon and Saltwater models.

IIt was first built inusing the salmon-rod corks and with lined fuji rings.

We believe that the Hexagraph technology captures the yexagraph of both of those worlds. Sand down the over hexwgraph corks This principal is what made Sam Carlson’s rods so great and what Tim Zietak has continued evolving his mastery of. So to save more damage to the surface colour, I’ve just whipped over some lumps and bumps and sealed with cellulose dope. I whipped on a few rings, some pictures are below – the problem is that the inters are so well embedded in the vanish you can’t get them off without damaging the paint and even the original snake eyes put up a fight.

Following on from the previous entry hexagtaph if you want eye strain and like making a job harder than it needs to be, whip rings onto a black fishing rod using black thread. The other entries on the ‘Big Hex’: