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The Zhouyi cantong qi JUMrHfp]^ (“Token of the Agreement of the Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”) illustrates another facet of the links between. The Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 “Token for the agreement of the Three according to the Book of Changes”, shortly called Cantongqi, is the most important. To Yoshiko Contents Preface, ix Introduction, 1 The Title of the Cantong qi, 2 A At least thirty-eight commentaries to the Cantong qi written through the end of.

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MeditationNei Gong.

About three decades later, the famous literatus, Yang Shen —claimed to have found the work in a stone casket, and published it under his own name. Water then stabilizes Fire: During the Ming — and the Qing — dynasties, the Cantong qi continued to exert its prestige on Neidan, but its influence also extended to other fields. The king, being placed at the symbolic center of the human realm—his kingdom, and more specifi- cally his court—should guarantee the reciprocal agreement of Heaven, Earth, and mankind.

If the two sets of walls are shaped as joined semicircles, they form a wheel see fig. This inversion causes the postcelestial houtian aspects of Yin and Yang to be reintegrated within their precelestial xiantian aspects, which are of the opposite signs: An Interview with Damo Mitchell.

The first two stages pertain to xiantian, while the third marks the shift to houtian. Their re-union generates manifestation and change, or the houtian. On the cantlng of the shier xiaoxi device in the Cantong qi see Suzuki, ; Wang Ming, ; and Imai, Second, it represents the yang aspect of the One in the xiantian, complemented by its yin aspect, or the broken line.


This page is part of a series on the Seal of the Unity of the Three. His disciple, Chunyu, was a “master of the methods” fangshi specialized in cosmology, prognostication, and the related sciences. Commentators disagree as to the referent of the emblem “white.

Ccantong page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The two other modes of the Principle — yuanshen tcW or Primordial Spirit and yuanjing 7U f or Primordial Essence — act as a foundation for non-material and material manifestation, respectively.

Thus the saint wears rough-hewn clothes, but cherishes a piece of jade in his bosom. From top to bottom: When they tested it on a dog, the dog died.

The Seal of the Unity of the Three

This reading takes account of a point that is reflected in the canting of the Cantong qi, is stated more than once in its verses, and is often discussed by its commentators, including some of those associated with Neidan: At the time of Emperor Huan of the Later Han r.

The Cantong qi is deemed to be the earliest book on alchemy in China. In another passage zh.

Commentary on the Mirror for Compounding the Medicine: If this suggestion is correct, the cosmological portions of the Cantong qi were composed, or at least cantng completed, after the end of the Han period. We may conclude, therefore, by saying that the Cantong qi was composed in different stages, perhaps from the Han period onward, and did not reach a form substantially similar to the present one before ca.


During the Ming — and the Qing dynasties, the Cantong qi continued to exert its prestige on Neidan, but its influence also extended to other fields. The re-conjunction of these principles gives birth to all entities and phenomena in the world.

Today, the text still has a considerable audience, which adds to the importance of Pregadio’s book. The liver is green and is the father. However, my book is complete, and I cannot change it.

Cantong qi (The Seal of the Unity of the Three): (1) Authorship

For the main text of the Cantong qi he based himself on Zhu Xi’s recension, while for Peng Xiao’s own notes he relied on Zheng Huan’s edition. While this relation has often been taken as evidence of a Han date of the Cantong qiother scholars e.

In the alchemical process, where the “generation sequence” of the agents is inverted, Water “black lead” generates Metal True Leadand Fire cinnabar generates Wood True Mercury. Alchemy, Medicine and Religion in the China of A. Third or cantony century. The symbolic pound of Elixir, therefore, incorpo- rates and unifies the whole set of cosmological and alchemical corre- spondences represented by its two ingredients, True Lead and True Mercury.