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Q & A with D. Apodaca – author of Captivated | Treasured Tales for Young Adults

Meanwhile, Dean is beside himself, losing the love of his life was too much to handle along with the loss of his parents years before. When the secrets start to unravel, and the pieces start to fall together, the real question is will Mindy pick the right guy? What is it about Sean that has Dean always looking so angry now? I was eager to read this book because the premise was interesting and I thought it would be a good story with a twist And not to mention the fact that he’s dangerous.

Then, when she’s out of your sight, you feel empty inside. They were normal, just like mine. Captivated is the story of Mindy, a normal teenage girl surrounded by abnormal occurrences. I felt heartbroken whenever I had to put it down and snap back to reality. Captivated is threw the eyes of Mindy and Dean.

You know tha “I let out a huff and forced a smile. I would think, captkvated obviously weren’t into the story enough to even notice!


Mindy is confused as to WHY Dean makes her go home before night. I think I am in love!! Though I will admit the first couple chapters are slightly rough, the rest of the book more then makes up for it!


When you read Unattainable you will finally find out the truth about the death of Deans parents and the truth about why Mindy’s father left. Some more mysterious than others but all in all I loved reading about each and every one of them, from Mindy’s best friends to the bad guys, they were all truly remarkable!!

One night while Mindy and her two best friends Markus and Tanya are at a club, Markus tells Mindy he saw Dean kill two people outside the club I feel this book also had really good portions of everything in it, I never felt like anything was forced, the book honestly just flowed really nicely from beginning to end, never too much action, never too much romance, everything was just perfect.

I want to blurt it all out! I couldn’t put it down!! Emotional, heart breaking and leaving me wanting more. No surprises what so ever. I had never heard of this book until I came across it on facebook.

But as quiet and dangerous as Dean is, he has a soft spot where Mindy is concerned. Dean looks angry all the time now The characters were real and lovable.

It bothered me that he zpodaca appear in the ‘light’ ever too often but when he finally did, his words would hypnotize not only Mindy but me, the reader, as well. This uneasiness increased my curiosity and shot me down at times. The cover of this book is mysterious, aside from the title and authors name, a bu face Since the death of his parents Dean is not the same person Mindy use to know, she decides to move on. I hope you enjoy and I hope my book reviews make you want to lost in the written world of books!!!!

Binoculars in hand, spying away. Excellent character development, Excellent story line, Excellent adventure, and well written! At the age of 13 Mindy and her best friend Dean experienced a life changing event. Who Mindy thinks is good looking. The tension between Dean and Mindy is exciting.


I had a good idea as to what was going on, at least with Shane, but I didn’t know for sure. He looked like a dark angel on a cloud of mist holding his arms out to me. The growl got louder and he showd his teeth. The characters are just wonderfully written, and always making you smile and laugh. Be ready to laugh and cry in this whirlwind story that will deny reads their simple happily ever after.

Lists with This Book. And fear takes appdaca. I have read review before when people comment on the editing and I have never noticed before. The action was captivates and lightning quick. After the the death of his parents, he just don’t talk to anyone. The ending broke my heart and made me want to jump in the book and help in any way that I could.

Captivated started out as what seemed to be my favorite read of August. It’s necessary sometimes, but not all the time. You want to pull those eyes to yours again so that you could once again feel the fascinating sensations of happiness. It didn’t cut through the story, but created another problem that you need to read the next book! Stukje bij beetje werden puzzelstukken geopenbaard.