Watch trailer #2 for an in-depth conversation with Roberto Giobbi about this iconic book. “If I knew someone just getting into this business, it would be the first set. From the author of Card College, the world’s most acclaimed course on sleight-of -hand card magic, comes Card College Light, Roberto Giobbi’s first text focused. Card College Lighter by Roberto Giobbi – Book. $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. He gives the reader all the tools necessary for a professional-quality.

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Buckling One or More Cards. Browse Related Browse Related. Question was if there is something better than Card College to start on card magic. For the money Card College reads to me like a text book. Paragon the best thing giobbo having the book and dvd is that you can watch the dvd with the book in front of you.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

Magician cuts to three mates of three previoulsly tabled random cards. In this book you will learn a ton of moves that will be crucial to your career in magic. Turning Over the Top Card 3. I plan to get gipbbi 5 volumes! Each trick is well written, through with patter and concept and has beautiful artwork, Already an experienced card shark? Bicycle Rider New user 93 Posts.

Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: Control in a Hand-to-Hand-Spread. Just think about it He also offers theatrical tips to go along with each trick. With respect to my comment about Giobbi being a genius, I am saying that not so much based on the content of “Card College” but more on the basis of what I have read in “Secret Agenda” and “Confidences”. Questions about this product. Suit Cut to Orde. So yes, read the whole book!


There have been some things in CC I couldn’t understand until I looked them up somewhere else. Giobbi brings his widely respected talents as both teacher and full-time performer to toberto on tricks he has selected from time-tested classics and little-known modern miracles by world masters, taught with a thoroughness that includes psychology, presentations, scripts and invaluable performance tips. In general, the first photos concentrate on providing view from all sides and giobbl marki I wouldnt have gotten it if I hadnt got it for christmas, but if volume 2 was 50 dollars, than I would still get it.

Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

Close-Up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne, for an example, is relatively affordable, and with some easy to do card magic. Card College Lightis in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks. Don’t have them all yet but plan on getting them. The book is a staple in card magic that will not only give you a fantastic start into card magic, but will give you an excellent source of sleights and effects for years and years to come.

The good thing about this book is that the effects are already grouped into threes. Take a look at our Return Policy. I robedto recommend it over Royal Road.

  CNR 14D431K PDF

A Peek Control for Two Cards. Without these things, all you are left with are mere puzzles. It is well worth the price. The Art of Performing Robetto with Cards. Decide according to your learning style, each medium being complete in itself, and if you can afford it get both the books and the DVDs.

Card College Giobbi

May 6, Messages: Control of the Collegf and Bottom Cards. Don’t hesitate to add every volume to your cart and get started on the road to card mastery. They’re just incredible valuable tools.

Robedto, it is also directed at those who are already proficient in the craft. Related to Pivoting the Break Neal Elias This is just 2 small parts out of one book it just gets better from thrre.

Related to The Misdirection Pass U. You must log in or sign up to post here. You can’t go wrong with this series. Even by reading Giobbi’s descriptions of sleights I already knew, I improved them.

Not every effect is a gem, but there are so many good ones you can’t complain.