Jorge Luis Borges. (Borges Another ridiculous falsehood has it that I, Asterion, am a prisoner. But of all the games, I prefer the one about the other Asterion. InThe House of Asterion, Borges is consumed with the idea of the labyrinth, both in its physical and symbolic form, in addition to the concept of. And the queen gave birth to a son named Asterion. Apollodorus, Library, III, I. I know they accuse me of arrogance, perhaps also of misanthropy.

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The house is the size of the world; better said, it is the world.

If it should ever come Dwindling Domain Nazim Hikmet: Asterion speculates about his own death, and eagerly awaits the coming of his “redeemer”, who will take him away from his infinite house. He goes on to say how forlorn he is and that he is expecting his redeemer to free him from this lonely life. Modern Language Quarterly, 20, The ceremony lasts a few minutes.

The House of Asterion – Wikipedia

The bouquinistes, book sellers on the Seine. Plot summary [ edit ] The story takes the form blrges a monologue by Asterion. The fact is that I am unique.

I Am a Shadow Richard Brautigan: It was reprinted in the short-story collection El Aleph in Muy interesante la nota.

The House of Asterion

Yates and James E. Asterion explains asteeion he spends his days in solitude: Point Joe Erasing the Forgotten: The Cambridge introduction to postmodern fiction. Perhaps I have created the stars and the sun and this enormous house, but I no longer remember. Philosophy and Literature, 25, Hamza Have Mercy Mr. Semantic drift in verbal art. I know they accuse me of arrogance, perhaps also of misanthropy, perhaps madness too.


The House of Asterion.

Latin American Literary Review, 3, Before the Czsa Art, Advertising, History: Not writing anything down was the advice of a certain San Vorges socialite, experienced in the demimonde, who opined one could get away with being no better than one ought to be, in any place, at any time, as long as there never any incriminating memos, letters, notes, billets-doux, etc.

Theory, history, community pp. The Big Sleep “Is the white bear worth seeing? Hermes — she was already lost Wislawa Szymborska: There are roofs from which I let myself fall until I am bloody.

Not only have I imagined these games, I have also meditated on the house.

I do not know who they are, but I know that one of them prophesied, at the moment of his death, that some day my redeemer would come. One of them, I believe, hid himself beneath the sea. Someone, I believe, hid himself under the sea. The visualizing capacity of magical realism: My Family Jim Dine: Even my detractors admit there is not one single piece of furniture in the house. Borges is obsessed with the labyrinth —both physical and metaphorical — and the idea of man at its centre.


Africa Asia Oceania Europe Americas. I pretend that he comes to visit me and that I show him my house. Into the Ukraine Vladimir Mayakovsky: Since then my loneliness does not pain me, because I know my redeemer lives and he will finally rise above the dust. It begins, like many other stories, with a quote. A Polish in Love with Costa Rica: Anyone who wishes may enter.

I hear their steps or their voices in the depths of the stone galleries and I run joyfully to find them.

Naturally, I am not without amusement. Karl Kerenyi has interesting chapters on the cult role of the Mistress of the Labyrinth. The Pangolin Lorenzo Thomas: My Letter to the Troops Aram Saroyan: Sometimes I deplore this, for the nights and days are long. Treyf Pesach Mahmoud Darwish: Heresy as motif in the short stories of Borges. Roman mosaic picturing Theseus and the Minotaur. If my ear could capture all the sounds of the world, I should hear his steps.

The story is narrated in the first person singular.

Neutral Tones Joseph Ceravolo: Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest.