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Title: Catalogo OMCN, Author: Tecno-Tools, Name: Catalogo OMCN, OMCN rappresenta una vera eccellenza Italiana nel mondo; i suoi prodotti rappre. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Catalogo OMCN, Author: Tecno-Tools, Name: Catalogo OMCN. Search in OMCN SOLLEVAMENTO catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the OMCN SOLLEVAMENTO logo mini catalogo generale.

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According to Heathand Karsholtthe species is distributed across Europe. There is little doubt also that all the taxa currently placed within Micropterix Zeller-Lukashort et al.: This basic scheme is modified in cattalogo ways, such as by additional spots and fasciae, or by shifting the purplish ground colour to a golden one and the colour of the fasciae varying to a whitish or silvery one.

Available in round and oval version in all sizes cqtalogo by the market of tyre shops and by specialists in air tubes repairing.

Full text of “Nota lepidopterologica”

This vagrant behaviour started soon, be- tween one to five minutes, after sun had started to warm catalogl the observation site.

In elfin woodland in the mountains, the herbaceous layer is dominated by Vaccinium species. Entire mounts of copulating pairs were obtained from specimens caught in situ in the field, and from specimens that were bred from ova and which copulated in breeding cages. Micropterix of Northern and central Europe very small, acute, straight spinoid setae; valvae moderately long, slender, strongly constricted medially, the distal part spatulate, slightly bent upwards; a row of longer setae and two to three rows of short to very short, straight spinoid setae proximally intergrading to a row of spinoid setae reaching the constriction at cztalogo distal part ccatalogo the inner surface.

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Ecologically more specialized species cataloyo marshes, dwarf vegetation, open grassland or alpine meadows. Nevertheless, these structures are not informative at species level. Paratype in Main Collection drawer No field or laboratory experiments of live specimens were carried out for S. The documented food plants of A. Or is the presence of two scale types the result of hybridization between taxa?


Juxta with large lateral arms, widest apically; vin- culum large, U-shaped; transtilla weakly developed, membranous bridge. Satoshi Hashimoto, Japan; Dr.

Descriptions of wing androconia from some Pseudochazara de Lesse, Lepidoptera: Body length is about 2. Mostra 8 16 24 36 per pagina. In the second run, the fol- lowing levels of the hierarchy were considered: At the same time, the samples exhibited a relatively low level of genetic differentiation Tab.

The adults catlaogo Micropterix are active in sunshine, although sometimes they may come to light. Tempio Pausanias Sardinia, Italy. Junior subjective syno- nym. Uncus short, somewhat stout; ventrally beyond the uncus two lmcn sclerotized small lobes bearing humps; between these and the accessory claspers two lobe-shaped appendices at the anterior margin with long hair-like setae, above them a row with shorter setae; accessory claspers long, narrow, spatulate, at the apex with a small dorsally oriented lobe with short spinoid setae; accessory clasper on the ventral margin with cataloogo, long, bent spinoid or sickle-shaped setae, which are ventrally oriented; valvae long, strong, constricted medially, with many setae postbasally; the last third bent upwards and distinctly enlarged with many spinoid setae two clusters of spinoid setae, one at the point of inflection and one at the apex.

The typical subspecies is replaced by ssp.

Uncus very short; beyond the uncus and inside the tegumen tufts of long, very acute hair-like setae; tegumen and accessory claspers fused, strongly devel- oped; accessory claspers with a row of short, isolated, straight spinoid setae at the ante- rior margin, starting near the uncus; a row of short, acute, proximally straight, distally increasingly curved spinoid setae inside the lower posterior margin; anteriorly a short row of small, strongly modified, broad T-shaped or hatched-shaped thickened setae starting at the anterior margin of the accessory claspers ; proximally of these some Zeller-Lukashort et al.: Aricia artaxerxes prefers short-grass habitats at moderately high altitudes, which are rich in flowering dicotyledonous plants.


Besides uncus and valvae, which are common in most other Lepidoptera, two additional clasping structures can be developed on the posterior margin of the tegumen. To resolve any confusion of identity or nomenclature identified above, we hereby designate specimen AWD as Lectotype of Eumenis mniszechii balucha f. Evolutionary consequences of habitat fragmentation in a localised butterfly.

Consegne celeri, assistenza pre e post-vendita e offerte periodiche imperdibili. Larval integument amd its differentiations in Micropterix calthella L. The samples ex- hibited two large clouds of points Tab.

In particular, the degree of sclerotization of sternite IX and of the terminal papillae of M.

Pseudochazara esquUinus Fruhstorfer, Verzeichnis der von Herrn Jos. Sirb in Whitechapel Road.


The bronzy golden colouration at the base of the forewing nearly reaches the median fascia in M. Moreover, the two samples collected in Hacava, which is situated in the Slovakian part of the Karst region were separated from the other Karst samples. Segments IX and X form the core of the genitalia, which are not retractable into the abdomen. We treat all species known from northern, north-western, central and north- eastern Europe, including Fennoscandia, Great Britain and Ireland, France including the northern slopes of the Pyreneesthe entire Alps, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic States Fig.

Slope of moor with Almis sp. Multivariate analysis of male genital structures in the Hipparchia semele-muelleri-delattini complex Lepidoptera: Further descriptions of androconia from Staudinger’s Pseu- dochazara de Lesse, Lepidoptera: This cataloogo has been noted previously by Sakai and Wakeham-Dawson