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It is the saddest and darkest story so far in the Dark Hunters and I think that it is not possible that there can any story more intense and extreme after this one.

But Kenhon also laughed and the end? And that was okay. If I had to mention a negative, I think the shock factor became played out after a while.

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He wiped the blood off his neck and turned to leave. Ash had some excuses for his behaviour but this jealous, spoiled brat had none at all. Hope to see these two more in the future View all df comments. And I’m so glad she did. Sofia Trindade I really like it, there were times where I wanted to beat the crap out of someone because I was mad that no one was helping Styxx, another times I …more I really like it, there were times where Czadores wanted to beat the crap out of someone because I was mad that no one was helping Styxx, another times I found myself thinking: This one is the first one that is truly not well done or thought out.

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Learn more about Cazadoers Prime. And I have to tell you I think we were born to suffer. Turn around, he’s right there.

But over time, she accepted him for what he is, but she feels devastated knowing that she was is lying to him. I just wish I had more of them; but maybe that contributed to the beauty, not having enough made me crave them even more! While Ash and Ryssa laughing playing, he’s been tortured and sick, and lonely Kenyon did everything imaginable she could think up to hurt and humiliate him.

Now I love Ash and his cazadore broke my heart – to this day I haven’t read the first half of his book again – but he was every bit as self absorbed as Styxx was accused of being. I don’t know if Sherry even planned his redemption before writing his book – so she added lot of scenes form his perspective through the years of which the books happened and events.

He deserved to have each and every last little shit fit jenyon he wanted to throw, and had every right to be bitter and mistrusting of anyone and everyone, especially Styxx. Not to mention, she had an entire Daimon army to serve her and keep her company.

Oschros he had a fate cruelest than his brother. I loved the book. Her pale blond hair was a stark contrast to her black gown, both of which flowed around her perfect body. In the case of “Styxx,” it was one of the hardest books I have ever read, and I am literally feeling as if I have been on a ride through the house of terrors.


Every available bit of blank space on the page is filled some drama. They gave it 5 star reviews.


And I hate to say this, but I am hoping that Acheron gets some comeuppance in this book Styxx took the beatings in stride, always protecting his brother. There is no end to this man’s suffering. View all 20 comments. This book was done in two parts, just as Acheron’s was. oscruos

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Death of their beloved one, rapes, mutilations, torturing, horrible useless deaths without honor most of the times. Not to mention carpal tunnel and hemorrhoids.

EL libro es muy bueno como todos los libros de sherrilyn.