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Sep 10, To create a simple border, use the cfimage tag. . by changing its dimensions, enforce uniform sizes on images, and create thumbnail images. cfimage. Creates a ColdFusion image that can be manipulated by using image functions. You can use the cfimage tag to perform common image manipulation. cfimage source=”#myImage#” action=”write” destination=”” overwrite=”yes”> thumbnail image.

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But really, you ought to read the rest of cfikage entry to understand what’s being proposed. One use for a watermark is for protecting copyrighted images.

Specify one of the following levels of text distortion: I have a follow up question to confirm what update you had applied you mention there you were on 10, and a commenter there, Paul, mentions using 11 but doesn’t clarify if he had this specific issue there.

Can you perhaps offer a link to the image you’re working with, so that Adobe or others can recreate your test case? Converting images between one file format to another is time-consuming. Another way to create a ColdFusion image is to duplicate it. thumbnakl

ColdFusion Help | ImageResize

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Parameters Parameter Description image Required.


I hope readers will not be discouraged to still consider everything else that was offered, in case it may well thumbnall them, as it has many who I’ve assisted in my consulting practice when faced with this being the root cause of poor performance.

Rotate an image 30 degrees clockwise. Create a watermark from an existing image file.

The drawing attributes you specified are applied to the line. The following example shows how to nest borders:. The convert and write actions require a destination. To change the interpolation method or for more control over image attributes, use the following functions: Creating ColdFusion images Search.

Quality of the JPEG destination file. Also, you can create a blank image. One wonders why Adobe chose for resizing and scaling to opt for the opposite values. Thanks for the additional details, James, if it may help others. There are alternative values for “interpolation” So the first “good news” is that there is a range of options one can set for this interpolation value, and the opposite one is “highestperformance”.

KeithComito 1 9 The imageResize feature took only a couple seconds to do the same thing. The value must be an integer. I’ll also point to my entry here for still more info on changing from the one to the other, and also highlight that 50x improvement which your entry shows.

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The following example shows how to create a ColdFusion image from a URL and write it to a file on the local storage drive:. Email Required, but never shown.

If this value is blank, the width is calculated proportionately to the height. The following example shows how to set the thickness and color of a border: You can create a watermark image in one of three ways:. The blur factor used for resampling. Thanks for chiming in. ColdFusion makes it easy to resize images.


But I can cfimagf an argument for letting that default be set at the server, application, or jvm config level. Otherwise, ColdFusion generates an error: For more information on file formats, see the section Supported image file formats.

First, as I show above, it’s CL Charlie saves the day. The default may not perform well at all.