The Maximus Poems [Charles Olson, George F. Butterick] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated. Dogtown, the wild, rock-strewn centre of Cape Ann, next to Gloucester, is an important place in The Maximus Poems. Praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors, Charles Olson ( ) was declared by William Carlos Williams to be a major poet with a.

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Nov 04, James Murphy rated it it was amazing. I think he wanted a reader who has a reading ship full of barnacles slowing down the eyes. This is one of the few books I can identify chrales had a deep charoes on me about what a poetic line was, the power of where a line was broken, how it was read.

For the first time he can, without the convention of rime and meter, record the listening he has done to his own speech and by that one act indicate how he would want any reader, silently or otherwise, to voice his work. Just started a thorough re-reading after 30 years.

Despite this, he is also eminently readable.

The Geography of the imagination Dec 05, James Debruicker rated it liked it. What is perhaps surprising is the entry for May 26th which is out of poemms with the rest of this of this story.

The remnants can be found in his first book of poems, “In Cold Hell, In Thicket” which was published around the same time as the first ten Maximus poems. Consequently, many postmodern groups, such as the poets of the Language School, include Olson as a primary and precedent figure.

I do admire Charles Olson’s poetryfor its highs and lows. Very A Olson was just experimental enough in this ambitious volume and I like that his tone stays fairly lowbrow and relatable throughout. This may or may not go some way to explain the May 26th entry but I believe these related events go close to the heart of the sequence as a whole see below.

Since adolescence I’ve felt that two of the major strengths of the Poem are compression and precision.

Charles Olson – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Read the full of Maximus, To Himself. Jun 20, Sean rated it it was amazing Shelves: I may finally consume it, drop out of my current life, piems to a lonely Cape Ann on Cape Ann and watch the waves pound against Bass Rocks until they wear away the shore of my sanity.


Comments about Charles Olson. Although likely invisible in my work now, without Maximus I would not be the same poet I am. Return to Book Page. The poem connects Gloucester to many of the cultural sources we associate with the eastern Mediterranean and south Asia.

Feb 15, Peycho Kanev rated it it was amazing Shelves: At high school he was a champion orator, winning a tour of Europe including a meeting with William Butler Yeats as a prize. The place is Gloucester, Massachusetts, poejs more accurately, the small town communal American life that Olson struggled to preserve.

Nov 30, Ann Klefstad rated it liked it. His second collection, The Distances, was published chxrles Without getting overly lit crit on this, one of poetry’s ain functions is to bear witness, to memorialise and it does these things very well.

Charles Olson

The whole work is also mediated through the voice of Maximus, based oslon on Maximus of Tyrean itinerant Greek philosopher, and partly on Olson himself. Trivia About The Maximus Poems. Gloucester was a fishing town and Olson knew some of the last of the sea captains who had gone out through storms in winter to ply their trade, he knew of the dangers they faced and of the pride that they took in their work:. But I have to read Heroditus and know nothing about Tyre and also the deep history of Virginia and Boston and the kinds of salt to keep fish and what exactly a shoal feels like and if Adam Smith really was what, a poet, if he was cured of his skin’s burns and “meubles” and Thucidides and furthermore Orontes, which C.

The Maximus Poems | Academy of American Poets

In this instance there are Really Big Things being said about time, place and the elements yet these are presented in such a subdued and apparently casual manner that the reader doesn’t realise fully what’s going on until some time later.

Refer to ARK review This is one of my favorite things, and i have to touch base with it This is Olson’s heroic long poem in tribute to Gloucester, Massachusetts and to the people who lived there in which he tells much of its history as a fishing port, even going back to its place in the original Pangaean continent.


The death of Kaiser in a January automobile accident theorized by Olson as a potential suicide because of her dissatisfaction with her life in the Buffalo area precipitated a mixture of extreme isolation, romantic longing, drug use and frenzied work.

Here we have an entire world and culture compressed into a few short lines, depicting the essence of small towns everywhere and especially the need to measure and categorise every newcomer that moves in.

The sea and how it aSffects us is important to Olson, the points where this huge body of water touches the land carries with it something about extreme difference that carries interdependence within. Homo maximus wrests his life from the underworld as the Gloucester fisherman wrests his from the sea.

For two years thereafter, he taught English as an instructor at Clark University. He died there intwo weeks past his fifty-ninth birthday, while in the process of completing The Maximus Poems. Here, that traveller returns to the small town of Gloucester I finished reading The Maximus Poems for the second time walking through a car park. In Projective VerseOlson called for a poetic meter based on the poet’s breathing and an open construction based on sound and the linking of perceptions rather than syntax and logic.

I know that many readers do not consider this kind of work to be poetry but I’m of the view that it is essential if the Poem is going to progress from its current ditch of mainstream mediocrity.

Creeley has joked that Olson was referred to as “Maximus” and he was called “Minimus,” in reference to their teacher-apprentice relationship, a close friendship documented in their long, published correspondence. These poems are not meant to be read quickly.