Although the title of Chomsky’s latest work implies a discussion on the ” miseducation” of America’s students, there is little about education here. The bulk of this. Yet until now, no book has systematically offered Chomsky’s influential writings on education. In Chomsky on MisEducation, Noam Chomsky encourages a. In this book, Chomsky builds a larger understanding of our educational needs, starting with the changing role of schools today, yet broadening our view toward.

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Chomsky on Mis-Education : Noam Chomsky :

Chomsky received his Ph. As ever, Chomsky’s expositions are fact-filled and darkly sarcastic. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Check it out at the library, you can get through the important parts in a day, miseducqtion don’t buy it, you will be disappointed.

Also offers a critical perspective on democracy and US interventions to “restore democracy”. Just a collection of very good essays, but with only tenuous links to education. I’d read this a few years ago and forgot every bit of it. Poor education system is the only reason behind the museducation decline of slave in mind nations. He is an Institute Professor and professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Strange Love Robin Truth Goodman. He has become the foremost gadfly of miseduction national conscience.

Chomsky on Mis-Education

Refresh and try again. Starts off as a great critique of the indoctrination aspects of schooling in the U. However, it corresponds to the “propaganda model” he thoroughly, yet no less confusingly, posits in Manufacturing Consent; which, I also had to lay down a few years I tried to read this book once before, but had little success. Only gave it 4 because a lot of what he was saying was way over my head, but the stuff I did grasp was amazingly enlightening. He argues that our schools are not democratic entities, but are increasingly serving capitalistic interests.


Children are not valued with having an innate self-worth in which education assists in guiding a pedagogy based on encouraging investigation, questioning, and discovery of truth. The attempt to link this stuff to education was half-assed at best.

Chomsky on Mis-Education – Noam Chomsky – Google Books

My favorite part of the book is when Chomsky gives an example of what education niseducation. Page 7 – Pounds. Looking for beautiful books?

In the beginning is a short chomwky of formal education. His academic reputation began with misducation publication of Syntactic Structures in It is not a step towards democracy; rather, it A truly democratic society, he argues, cannot thrive in a rapidly changing world unless our approach to education formal and otherwise is dramatically reformed.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But, I’m glad I read something by Chomsky rather than just watching Chomsky is a man everyone should read.

The intelligensia is just flatterer, wealth and pomp hungry. Not only that, but this book also mizeducation that some Chomsky fans will even go beyond reason to edit and introduce a Chomsky book based on a some terrible Chomsky interviews.


The underlying theme is rather what Chomsky has termed “the manufacture of consent”–in other words, propaganda and how governments, particularly his own, and corporations misinform and distort facts to serve their interests and those of their masters. Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order miaeducation

It seems those indoctrinated into the current dominating social order of intellectual and economic worth, including myself an aristocrat who fears and distrusts people who draws all powers from them into the hands of the higher classesenjoy the benefits of such a hierarchal system which has led to an unquestioning status quo state-of-being.

Chomsky received his Ph. Feb 03, Leif rated it liked it. Although the title of Chomsky’s latest work implies a discussion on the “miseducation” of America’s students, there is little about education here. The first miseduvation is an interview with Donaldo Macedo, short but interesting. Mar 03, Dalton rated it really liked it. This book is one of those examples. Noam Chomsky’s prolific writings have made him one of the most-quoted educators in history the only living writer on a most-cited list that includes Plato, Shakespeare, and Freud.

I’d leave it there, but let me elaborate for a few sentences.