{loadposition article-preamble} Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to peruse our. {loadposition article-preamble} Hi Everyone, If you live with more disorganized clutter in your life than you might like, then you should find Figen Genco’s use of. Clutter is a huge problem for many of us and it can manifest in many ways from our physical clutter to our emotional clutter of fear and not.

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Her hoarding of the few things she recovered or replaced began her trend toward clutter. Boxes, stacks of magazines and cclutter, and junk lined her walls and floors so that she could only reach her bedroom or kitchen through a small path. Many benefits from tapping on a prayer Future tapping to get what you want How to get EFT into Schools EFT collapses seasickness and Rosa becomes the life of the party What is your body trying to tell you? Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence Note: The Apex Effect — client cannot even remember the details of her former problem Dr.

Although she looked relatively clean, she assured me her home was c,earing filthy. An adventure within the Palace of Possibilities Knocking down the negative walls to let the garden grow – a tale of fertility Using movies to enhance and test our work. Note how, near the end of her article, she unearthed a major emotional reason for a client not wanting to clean up her clutter.

Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence | General | Articles & Ideas

How to use EFT with your dreams to collapse important emotional issues Resolving two bothersome tics with EFT Saying “goodbye” with the An at risk coronary patient has normal arteries and flawless angiogram after persistent EFT for two months Tapping while responding to a nasty comment from the past EFT in a plane for scary facial paralysis – a doctor on board said it was Bell EFT enhances the “Artist’s Way” work Do we need to heal the past so that we can move into the future?


As always, I used the Ultimate Truth Statement to work toward a positive outcome.

Clutter is a huge problem for many of us and it can manifest in many ways from our physical clutter to our emotional clutter of fear and not feeling good enough.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Can we affect inanimate objects better with EFT?

Just doing the Reversals gave Janice some relief, which surprised her. We ett several rounds just tapping on reminder statements of grief, sorrow, emptiness, sadness, witg, being afraid and alone. Using EFT for clearing clutter and organizing your life Note: We hold onto stuff, relationships and thoughts.

Eric Robins Improve your success rate by asking the right questions Can EFT tele-classes cause problems for some participants? This brought a lot of tears, which surprised her.

Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence

Skip to primary content. Underlying these symptoms of clutter is a cause or core issue.

The mudslide that took away her husband, eradicated their home and virtually everything else Janice had left. Thoughts about inheriting illness from our ancestors What would happen if this problem wasn’t there any more? Eric Robins Flutter your success rate by asking the right questions Can EFT tele-classes cause problems for some participants? Feel where you are feeling the resistance in your body. I knew that was doubtful, based on the results in her life.

Let me define what Et believe are the Three Levels of Clutter: Ten minutes of EFT restores healthy performance in the bedroom – eliminates the need for the little blue pill Using the term “somehow With this knowledge we first cleared out her grief and trauma about losing her husband and daughter. Mercola — Part 6 of 7 Tips for when clients have difficulty accessing their feelings Hearing voices and multiple issues relieved: We then filled in reasons she wanted this to be true.

She actually laughed about something funny she remembered her daughter had said. If your client believes that the world is run by a red elephant Keep that number in mind and after a round of tapping check in with what the number is. The second was fear. Janice was still devastated and in shock when three weeks later her beloved husband of 15 years was killed.


Using EFT for clearing clutter and organizing your life | Using EFT | Articles & Ideas

Mercola Part 3 Do you attract clients that want everything for free? We then moved to the Choice Statement with the set-up of: She was very excited about the possibility of achieving it. From that point Janice was c,utter paralyzed with grief, sadness, and a sense of abandonment.

Problems that are difficult to assess in the here and now. Before I got her tapping on herself, I asked her what her level cleaing nervousness was. I am excited that they want to do something about it. Getting yourself out of the way. I stopped and asked her if this process was making her nervous.

Her whole life was turned upside eith in a flash. In a way, holding onto her fears, control issues, and clutter was her way of holding on to her family! One concern was wondering how she could possibly clear everything out and clean up the incredible chaos she lived in.

Two successes where the client surrogate taps for other people–everyone benefits Tips to consider when you have had “incomplete success” with an EFT client Conversations with Dr. Tapping script for clutter clearing items. It’s never too late to clear useless childhood beliefs EFT for the emotional cluttr of a Cesarean Section Ten steps to changing your limiting responses to a falling economy EFT for stammering Dr.

She was curious, and she wanted to try it. We used the phrase, Even though I feel nervous about this process… After the first two rounds, her level of intensity came down to 2 out of 10 from 9.