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The Colle is definitely not an aggressive opening in the classical sense. If you like the positions that you get with the Colle, by all means, play it. D05 – Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation: 1. d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. e3 e6 4. Bd3 c5 5. b3. Search the chess games database, download. I selected games played with the Colle-Zukertort System for you below from recent times, but just wins and losses to make it interesting. Study the various lines.

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Everyman PublishersLondon, Jun zuketrort, If Black ever takes the knight on e5, the pawn on e5 will be supported by the b2 bishop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Note this latter option is purely a practical-play consideration. White has achieved the basic Colle setup and is prepared for the thematic pawn push to e4. However, as much as I love that attack, it is not impossible to defend against.

Send me the course. And Susan, the eldest, has become both an ambassador for chess all over the world as well as a marketing machine. It looks like a reasonable system to me as the structure, and the ideas behind the moves look fairly easy to understand.

D05: Queen’s pawn game, Rubinstein (Colle-Zukertort) variation

The Koltanowski is named after George Koltanowski who championed the c3-version of the Colle for over half a century. Sign up using Facebook. The Colle is a very conservative opening because white plays d4 and then really doesn’t make any other moves to occupy the center.

If White wants to get the absolute uzkertort advantage as I showed in a chessville articlehe needs to play 8. What typically occurs is that Black exchanges on d4 to open the c-file and White puts his Knight on e5 and supports it with f4, leading to the setup shown below.


I usually open with 1. Stronger players who know what they are doing after dxc5 can ignore this. Thus, Black typically will fianchetto his Q-Bishop to b7 playing Bd7 ends up causing a lot of colls for Black in general, see my video on the Zukertort on this page. One of the most dynamic is to aim for a Queen’s Indian Defense style setup.

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opening – Is Colle-Zukertort a good way to improve beginner play? – Chess Stack Exchange

Charles Menguy 2 9 Seeing the pieces move on the color board over her shoulder is vastly superior to any other teaching method I have seen to date, and I hope it becomes the new standard for chess DVDs. Go to the ” Everyone’s Second Colle Book ” page for more information. It’s up to you. He can have problems transferring his pieces because there is a bit of zukertirt bottle-neck in the center of his position.

Please double check your statement.

It is solid and has a very clear objective that is easy to understand. You might ask why. Retrieved from ” https: White has three men hitting that square, so Black has a zukretort time pushing his e-pawn past e6. That means a beginner has less to think about when the game starts, just bring out your pieces and then start looking for targets.

Colle System

The Colle is about accumulating small advantages and this may not fully be appreciated until move 30 or Their chess brains aren’t developed enough yet. The downside to this is because your b1 knight will go to d2, your dark squared bishop on c1 stays hemmed in for the early part of the game.


It does make an interesting “home ground” for players just learning how to handle middle game positions zikertort it’s a place to stand while working on other ideas. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat But what makes it more useful for a beginner than a Stonewall, for example, is in how easily the beginner can use it to learn other types of positions. This removes a guard from the h7 square, often enabling a classic bishop sacrifice on h7 as the start of a mating attack. The book is both well-researched and full of innovative ccolle.

In the Colle, yes, you can bank everything on the attack on h7 beginners with the system generally do but if that’s all you do, you’ll miss out on a lot. Very very few games among anyone up to master level players are decided by the choice of opening. Coll may be a good tool for avoiding zuoertort variationsfor Blitz playor for forcing opponents to think zukertotr themselves early on.

Click Here for an introduction to the Zukertort variation of the Colle System, or visit the excerptsreader commentsor review pages to learn more. Ignoring Black’s responses in order to consider White’s moves only, the typical plan is as follows: This opening doesn’t look “aggressive” to me