Overview / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. Relation to Other Viewtypes / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. the architectural artifacts and the rest of the model. Keywords: software architecture, component-and-connector viewtype, software documentation, UML Lic.

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The Process of Software Architecting. For example, if the view documents early, coarse-grained design decisions that will be refined later, it will probably include abstract connector types that will need to be refined later.

Uses of Architecture Documentation P.

Just Enough Software Architecture: For Further Reading Part I. If you may any questions please contact us: Software Architecture in Practice 2nd Edition. Choosing the appropriate forms of interaction between computational elements is a critical aspect of an architect’s task. Such a view may contain many instances of the same component type. Two of the three connector types in Figure 3. These interactions may represent complex forms of communication. For Further Reading Part I.

Seven Rules for Sound Documentation P. A main module is used to start things off, invoking the facilities of four modulesTo-upper, To-lower, Split, and Mergethat do the main work. For Further Reading Part I. Click here to find out more. Click here to find out more. Uses of Architecture Documentation P. Finally, even in these types of cases, some correspondences are worth noting. The database access connector supports authenticated administrative access for monitoring and maintaining the database.


This system contains a shared repository that is accessed by servers and an administrative component. We discuss sixpipe-and-filter, shared-data, publish-subscribe, client-server, peer-to-peer, and communicating-processesthat apply to a wide variety of systems and provide enough semantic richness to illustrate documentation principles.

Software Architectures and Documentation P. If the main server goes down, the backup can take over. Click here to find out more. Python Standard Library Nutshell Handbooks with. Thus, assuming that both client-server and shared-data styles are important connecttor understanding the system, views in both styles will include the same component, showing different patterns of interaction.

The conjector component may also act as a respository for data. In the example, we have Main and Config. Software Architecture in Practice 2nd Edition.

c) Component-and-Connector (C&C) Views – Software Architecture in Practice

In this view, the relation between modules is uses, as described in Chapter 2. These client components communicate among themselves by publishing and subscribing to events. If you may any questions please contact us: Just Enough Software Architecture: This website uses cookies.

For example, a component may be a server in a client-server system. Often, these interactions are carried out using complex infrastructure, such as middleware frameworks, distributed communication channels, and process schedulers.

In the example, this is the module Stdio.

Overview | The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

This variant of the client-server style supports transparent failover to a backup server. We are being shown a bird’s-eyeview of the system as it might appear during conjector. This module determines how inputs from one are fed to others, using a configuration module, Config. Identifying and Managing Project Risk: What is this diagram, backed up by its supporting documentation, attempting to convey?


Interprocess Communications in Linux: Also, the mapping of interfaces is not at all obvious. For example, does the use of the administrative interface lock out the servers?

Relation to Other Viewtypes

Pathways of communication between the components are explicit, indicating that during runtime, the pipe connectors will mediate communication of data streams among those components. The Nooks and Crannies. Just Enough Software Architecture: Viewtypes and Styles P. If the view is to be used to reason about real-time schedulability, component types will likely be schedulable entities.

The documentation accompanying the figure elaborates on the elements shown. Note also that connectors need not be binary: The publish-subscribe connector ane asynchronous event announcement and notification. It may also be possible to carry out both connectorr and quantitative analyses of such system properties as performance, reliability, and security.