Mabel Condemarín 3 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. comprensión lectora. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or. tests: Prueba de Dyslexia Específica (Condemarín & Blomquist, ) and Prueba de Comprensión Lectora de Complejidad Lingüística Progresiva ( Alliende. Recursos de activación mental para incrementar la comprensión lectora: anticipación Al respecto, Pearson, Hansen y Cordón (), en Condemarín ( ).

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The contribution of the texts to the process of teaching and learning a discipline can be lrctora through criteria that allow its analysis and comparison.

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Students who can meet the demands of academic discourse develop cognitive and metacognitive skills with which to understand the information they get from reading scientific texts, and thus establish their learning. Metacognitive aspects of problem solving. Understanding is not an all-or-nothing process; students can understand in part, to lectira degrees, or completely.

Most of the students included a title to the piece, but only one met the three conditions: How to cite this article. Retrieved October 12,from: Metacognitive competence is the link between semantic memory accumulated during the pedagogical cycle and procedural memory which permits the operation of changes in the conceptualization processes which enables the reader to attain higher levels of knowledge Areiza and Henao, Among the students who completed the test as directed, there were those who showed difficulties in ranking the ideas and differentiating the main proposition from the secondary ones.

All this integrates her prior knowledge with a support for the acquisition of new knowledge Areiza and Henao, ; Woolfolk, Retrieved April 20,from: El proceso de la lectura: La Voz del Interior On Line.

Mabel Condemarín

This research inquired about the effect of a classroom intervention in metacomprehension strategies, specifically self-questioning, on reading comprehension improvement in third and fourth – graders.

Revista de Ciencias Humanas Few studies address the issue in higher education Macias, et al. They did not use their prior knowledge to recognize the structure of the text and reflect it in the summary.

The text fragment analysis results belonging to 20 students A schema-theoric view of basic processes in reading comprehension. Retrieved May 5,from: There were differences in reading comprehension between groups of students in the basic stage and those in the upper level of the program.


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Pearson, Roehler, Dole and Duffy have shown that competent readers possess defined characteristics, among which are notable: The difficulties of operating with the information in the text.

Contemporary Educational Psychology8 Please cite the source as: Of the latter, there were computed hierarchically those of second, third, fourth and fifth order according to their relevance in the text.

To assess their competencies and possible deficiencies in reading comprehension, these students were asked to make an analysis of an excerpt from the book Invertebrate Zoologyby Barnes ; this book was used in a specific course.

This is the result of small amount of time they spend reading, since some high school students spend less than two hours a day in reading any type of printed material Cadile and Cadile, March 18, ; accepted for publishing: Then, it is impossible to locate the source of their difficulties, and finally, they do not detect the signs of a lack of understanding. Some evaluation results indicated that as readers integrate what they already know with new concepts, they become little competent in processing information when they do not monitor and evaluate their cognitive processes.

This information was complemented with interview data from other teachers different from the authors in order to know their perspective on reading comprehension underlying their reading teaching practices. Most activities are restricted to the use of word processing and searching for information by electronic means.

The way in which the method and its regulation are carried out is determined by the reasons for reading Contreras and Covarrubias, The rest incorporated inconsistencies, demonstrating an incorrect use of terms and therefore, of concepts; for example, including metazoans and flatworms, or referring only to invertebrates or alluding exclusively to the role of intracavitary fluid see Table I.

A text is not read in the same way if the purpose is to pass the time as it when the aim is to identify main ideas, search for the best title, draw conclusions or make a critical assessment of it. However, we often find students who do not understand what they read because they lack reading comprehension skills, among other things.

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In addition, many were unable to identify the inconsistency. Four students wrote incorrect titles: Number of students who followed the instruction regarding key words and detected the inconsistent proposition. Retrieved July 26,from: In its interior are developed the organs within a large space, which allows them to function better.

There lectoora two levels in this process: The participants were third- and fourth-grade students: This implies that for the text he must develop a meaning that includes the author’s intentions, and must begin a process whose development makes the difference between a good reader and one who is not expert Godoy, Inadequate comprensiom prevents the reader from identifying discrepancies between the scientific information a text provides, and inappropriate concepts the text may contain.


Ccomprension group was made up of a few students skilled in reading comprehension skills, plus several inexpert readers with little capacity to monitor and assess their own understanding. In attempting to generate interest and motivate students by using strategies commensurate with the circumstances, we developed and evaluated a CD hypertext resource on specific topics of the fourth-quarter course of that degree program in Biology.

Several persons could not select a complete and representative title for the theme addressed. This topic, proposed by the teacher in charge of the class, represented a previous taxonomic and evolutionary value concept which the learners had acquired in the course they had taken earlier as a prerequisite for their present class, and which they had to apply and integrate into their present course contents.

Lectoora found it difficult to identify clearly the central theme of the piece and its most significant elements. The processing of this information should be easy for students, since most of the concepts were developed in a course in the fourth quarter, taken up again to integrate new knowledge on the subject during the fifth semester, and especially when the course evaluations had been concluded. The cognitive configuration of an individual is built using her own conceptual structure and the semantic information she obtains lectorra the world and the context.

The cmprension, organization and design of a scientific text can influence willingness to read it, and interest in the content. Most works are oriented toward the cmprension of comprehension in early and middle levels of education. These were evidenced by the unity, coherence and overall sense of the summary, where they had to compension the ideas using the central proposition as a basis for understanding them Dijk, The text recognized a main or central idea and numerous subordinate propositions see Table II.